Dubai EXPO 2020… China’s Great Silk Road (Belt and Road Initative)

“Essentially what it is… is… “Fuck the United States of America and it’s crumbling empire of shit… Hello China!”… The biggest engineering project ever envisioned, set to completely rearrange the global world order by the end of the 21st century.

Israel should be a part of it….

(America will go ‘Gilead’ and we all know it 😅😂🤣)

Ruler of Dubai: Invite People of China to visit Expo 2020

By Business Reporting Desk– November 3, 2019

PM Sheikh Mohammed

UAE Prime Minister & Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid talks of Silk Road ties & future plans as he tours Dubai with Chinese television crew.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid promised “many surprises in store” as he encouraged China and the world to visit Expo 2020 next year.

The Vice President and Ruler of Dubai said China and the Emirates had undergone similar rapid development in recent years and shown “‘impossible doesn’t exist”.

He urged the Chinese to visit the emirate during the six month Expo 2020 event next year.

.@HHShkMohd tells @CCTV: The 2010 Expo held in China was excellent, we learned from it will add to it. We have promised the world that Expo 2020 will be the best in the world, with many surprises in store. I invite you and the people of China to visit Expo 2020 in Dubai. pic.twitter.com/bZsaGGLxJ2

— Dubai Media Office (@DXBMediaOffice) November 1, 2019

“The Chinese can find their visas waiting for them at our airports,” he told state broadcaster.

Sheikh Mohammed took the television crew on a tour of Dubai, including to the Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve outside the city.

“More than 10 years ago, I held a lecture at the Gulf University in Bahrain, in which I said that global power is heading East – and by that I meant China. China will lead the global economy,” he said.

He spoke of China’s Silk Road megaproject, also known as the Belt & Road Initiative, to boost trade in the coming years.

“The Silk Road is highly important for the UAE and we have allocated $3 billion to contribute to this megaproject,” he said.

“The Chinese President has revived the Silk Road, which connects the West with the East and vice versa.

“The UAE was the first to support the Silk Road project. We manage 77 ports around the world, and this project is important to us. Investing in it will bring benefits to everyone.”

‘Sons of The Desert’

Sheikh Mohammed invited the Chinese correspondent to tour the Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve, considered the largest unfenced nature reserve in the UAE. He spoke of the desert and how it is an integral part of the UAE’s character.

“We are the sons of this desert, it is our treasure,” he said. “For some, the desert is arduous and dangerous, but for us, we know it well and it has taught us valuable lessons.

“Dubai was once small, but the determination of its people was great. Now, we look forward to Dubai becoming the ‘perfect city.’ We want it to serve as a model for countries seeking to evolve. For me, the word ‘impossible’ doesn’t exist, it was invented by the weak.

“We have created plans for all our emirates for the next several years. We are continuing the hard work, and Dubai and the UAE will become a role model for the world, particularly in the Middle East, in education, health, technology and other fields.”


Could China’s lantern-shaped pavilion hold the keys to a new age?

The embodiment of Chinese heritage will showcase innovations to detect extraterrestrial life and connect global trade routesWhat do the world’s largest radio telescope, the most advanced global mapping system and a transport network aimed at spurring an economic revolution have in common?

In less than 560 days, they’ll all be on show in the lantern-shaped China Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.

The design marks the enduring symbol of Chinese culture over the past 5,000 years and will use dazzling digital light shows and innovative multimedia technologies to help represent brightness, reunion, auspiciousness and happiness.

It will also trace the breadth of achievements that defined ancient China and the country’s vision of ‘building a shared future for mankind.’

Paying homage to China’s inventions that have had global impacts – such as paper, moveable type printing, the compass and gunpowder – it will also exhibit the country’s future-shaping technologies.

These include China’s FAST radio satellite – the world’s largest with a diameter of 500m – which sits in the country’s Guizhou Province and whose functions include the detection of interstellar signals from alien life.

The pavilion will also explore intelligent autonomous vehicles that can share data, make complex decisions and operate without human assistance, and China’s GPS alternative, BEIDU, capable of geo-location tracking up to a few millimetres in accuracy.

Perhaps the grandest of China’s goals, however, is the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Often referred to as the New Silk Road, BRI aims to upgrade regional connectivity by developing new infrastructure networks across more than 70 nations, opening up a plethora of trade routes via land, air and sea.

All exhibits within the China Pavilion will combine traditional Chinese elements with modern architectural concepts, using eco-friendly materials to further its vision for sustainable design.

Measuring more than 4,600 sqm, the pavilion will be located in the Opportunity District at Expo 2020, which will welcome 190 nations to the UAE from October next year for an unmissable global celebration.

Countdown commences for Dubai Expo 2020

ALL SYSTEMS GO FOR U.A.E.’S DEFINING MOMENTBy Cesar Cruz Jr. -November 28, 2019

Renditions of scenes within the expo

THE Embassy of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the Philippines recently announced that a series of worldwide celebrations had already started to usher in Dubai Expo 2020, a grand showcase of the country’s advanced cosmopolitan and “profound culture” slated on October 20 of next year.

This was announced by Ambassador Hamed Saeed Al-Zaabi, ahead of the 48th National Day of the UAE on December 2.

According to Al-Zaabi, Dubai Expo 2020, billed as the “world’s greatest show,” will welcome an estimated 25 million visitors and spectators from 190 countries. The world fair, he said, will highlight the Arabian country as a “Nation of Tolerance.”

The ambassador also cited the continuous support of some 1 million Filipinos residing in the Gulf state, who comprise around 6 percent of the total number of its current population. Most of them contribute to the UAE’s robust economy as overseas workers in the fields of engineering, medicine and the services sector, among many others.

In his speech at an exclusive luncheon to launch the event to local journalists, Al-Zaabi described Dubai, UAE’s “global city,” as already an “expo in itself, where East meets West,” and the “world’s best brains” converge. These concepts will be embodied in the expos’ bold theme of “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.”

From the side of the Philippines, the embassy is closely working with government agencies, particularly with the Department of Trade and Industry. The latter, through Undersecretary Abdulgani M. Macatoman, revealed that it will help facilitate the entry of about P83 million in halal products to the Emirates.

The Emirati envoy cited the support of President Duterte for the efforts exerted by the Philippines for the global undertaking.

“Let’s work hard together for the best of our two countries; I am sure [Dubai] Expo 2020 would be offering great experiences and opportunities to the Philippines.” He said that the country’s participation in itself will be a reward for its efforts of extending its trade activities and achieving its economic goals in the UAE.

Grand-scale activations

IN downtown UAE, activations of grand scale have kicked-off the countdown as American artist Mariah Carey and Emirati star Hussain Al Jassmi headlined the celebrations at Burj Park on October 21.

According to Gulf News, visitors should prepare to be awed by high-tech innovations and endless possibilities: from autonomous cars, to space travel and daily entertainment. It will feature more than 60 live shows per day, “with everything from operas to A-listers, pop-up theaters to flash mobs, and sports events to national day celebrations.”

It said that the expo in 2020 is expected to gather delegates in a new, purpose-built venue, the Dubai World Trade Centre-Jebel Ali.

In a post, CNN Travel wrote that “organizers are anticipating lasting gains from the event, projecting an economic dividend of more than $33 billion and the creation of more than 900,000 jobs by 2031.” It has observed that spectacular national pavilions are being unveiled with great fanfare.

The Khaleej Times has it that Dubai Expo 2020 will wow visitors with 60 daily events across 173 days, showcasing the best of music, technology, creativity and culture, while 200 F&B outlets will feature famous chefs and cuisine from every corner of the world.

In 2013, Dubai won the right to host the world expo in 2020 amid a hotly contested event in Paris. The UAE, CNN says, will invest around $8 million contained in six years of preparation.

Al-Zaabi said Dubai Expo 2020 would be a great opportunity to bring the global community together to show UAE’s commitments, “and our engagements [in sharing resources,] facilities and wealth to connect minds for creating a better future.”

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