My machete defence works… Krav Magas doesn’t!

No I’m not going to post a poncey video of myself doing a machete defence… but I can assure you my machete defence works… Krav Magas doesn’t at all!

Developed by me… ‘Master Hurley’ 😆😅😂🤣

All I’ve done is take the basic defence principles that I’ve been taught from someone else (some of you know who), and applied it to a machete attack… Which is almost always going to be a 45 degree downward swing to the neck/shoulder/head… Or even someone swinging the machete in front of you (just have to pick your moment to charge in)

I’m know for certain Krav Maga is going to take these techniques and principles sooner or later.

“Why doesn’t SIS have a self defence system?” “Cos their all fucking mincers! Sticking the middle finger up, that’s about it!”

1 thought on “My machete defence works… Krav Magas doesn’t!”

  1. If you go anywhere in the tropics, from Latin America, Carribbean, Africa to South Asia… You need machete defences that will work!
    (Don’t ask me about my experience with machete attacks… No I’ve not been the victim of one, but I’ve seen one first hand… Or no hand in my case)


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