The Problems with Quantum Mechanics – Dr. Jonathan Phillips

It’s insane, it’s schizophenic in its it’s very nature… It makes no sense, has no basis in reality… And yet these people have been passing it off as the greatest scientific theory in history for the past hundred years… … No-one thought to question them.

Premiered on 6 Nov 2019

Jonathan Phillips, Physicist | Naval Postgraduate School, California | Science Advisor to End Of Petroleum discusses some of the fundamental issues in quantum mechanics. This is a short compilation of older videos he self-published. Dr. Phillips has said: “When I first met Mills in 1990 I thought it was more likely to meet a talking Giraffe on the streets of Malvery, Pennsylvania than someone overturning Quantum Mechanics.” Dr. Phillips has to make theories turn into experiments. He is also an inventor. At the Naval Postgraduate School, Dr. Phillips has invented a super capacitor that is orders of magnitude better than conventional tech (an advance that could displace li-on batteries). He is on the US Navy’s Energy Academic Group.’ Do not reach out to Dr. Philips directly. Our agreement is for us to screen and reach out to him as needed under professional terms. It is not his job to teach or consult on a pro-bono basis. (hint: be as respectful as you would with the top Lawyer’s in the country)

CV: http://faculty.nps.edu/vitae/cgi-bin/… Here are some highlights from his CV: 10/2010-present – Research Professor, Dept. of Physics, Naval Postgraduate School Monterey, CA 4/1999-10/2010 – Distinguished National Lab Professor, University of New Mexico 4/1999-10/2010 – Staff Scientist Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM 7/1996-1/1999 – Professor of Chemical Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University **Experimental Work on Hydrino Energy** He has done research in hydrino energy while at the University of New Mexico – this is independent lab work from Brilliant Light Power. –2004 Water bath calorimetric study of excess heat generation in ‘resonant transfer’ plasmas https://arxiv.org/abs/physics/0401132 –post 2004 reactions from physicists Physicists did not take it very seriously – these are career changing findings – and said “these hot hydrogen species must come from the acceleration due to an electrical field” (a total stretch, but the only thing they had to hold on to) Then this next paper silenced the community because it was conclusive – far outside the electric field very hot hydrogen. –2008 Evidence of catalytic production of hot atomic hydrogen in RF generated hydrogen/helium plasmas https://www.sciencedirect.com/science… **Theoretical work on Quantum Theory vs Mill’s theory** Then he published on the implications of this experimental evidence Selective Atomic Heating in Plasmas: Implications for Quantum Theory https://arxiv.org/abs/0810.5280 –2014 In this paper he uses logic to show Quantum Theory is an inconsistent theory and thus not even a theory at all. He doesn’t go deep into Mills theory but suggests that it does appear to be a validated theory based on experimental data we have. Not surprisingly, everyone is ignoring this… Reconsidering the validation of multi-electron standard quantitative quantum mechanics https://www.ingentaconnect.com/conten…

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