This Theory Is Actually Starting To Make Sense…Did Humans Evolve in Water?

“It’s NOT an absurd theory or hypothesis at all… alot of scientists, paleontologists, evolutionary biologists, experts in human anatomy, all think it is not just plausible but highly likely… When you consider the evidence, there is a good chance that at at least once in our evolutionary past, our hominid ancestors where on the way to becoming an aquatic species (like dolphins or manitees)… But the environmental conditions changed back and threw us back onto land. This could have happened more than once (but 2 million years ago?)… It explains so much in regards to our differences with our closest primate cousins (chimpanzees, gorillas)… …

Essentially, we are a schizophenic species that gets all our war like, male dominated tendancies from being land chimps… But yet at the same time, we are a highly social, playful, creative species capable of extraordinary acts of love and kindness like dolphins… 🐬

Also explains why we like to copulate face to face! 🤗

(more to it than that, physiology, biology… Holding our breath, speech, our noses, lack of smell, intelligence, brain size and Omega 3 oily fish diet, walking up right, lack of hair, blubber, excess salt, giving birth in water… the gist of it)

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