Exclusive: Spray-on gene editing could make genetic modification easy

“Borovue, Kazakhstan… Some bell-end (Russian?) applied a nano-bio tech spray on me… the ONLY reason we can think of is gene editing (CRISPR)… It was advanced nano bio technology, in the form of a spray, and twenty minutes later I’ve got hundreds of bioluminescent aphids crawling all over me… … These things where forming and developing in a matter of seconds, we suspect they where obtaining their energy from the sun (bioluminescent)… … Anyone have any idea what the fuck I was hit with?”

(the CIA tried blowing up my flight only days later)

Exclusive: Spray-on gene editing could make genetic modification easy

ENVIRONMENT 1 November 2019

By Michael Le Page

New Scientist Default Image

Genetically modifying plants could soon be almost as easy as spraying them with water. A new technique that uses DNA attached to nanoparticles could have a wide variety of uses, including changing the properties of crops while they are growing in fields.

“It was so straightforward,” says Heather Whitney at the University of Bristol in the UK. “It was really surprising how easy it was.”

Whitney and her team have so far tested their technique on various plants, including wheat, maize, barley and sorghum. They simply used an ordinary plant mister to spray leaves with water containing …

Read more: https://www.newscientist.com/article/2222028-exclusive-spray-on-gene-editing-could-make-genetic-modification-easy/#ixzz64J6lKKHG


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