Let’s turn the British into a mass trial for the US pharmaceutical industry!

Oh come on… this is a nation of fucking zombies anyway… let’s get ’em drugged up! πŸ˜ƒ

Yeah… we’ll get them and their children (younger the better) addicted to all sorts of shit… shit we don’t even know what the side effects are.

We’ll give ’em drugs for depression (which makes them more depressed), we’ll give ’em drugs that make ’em psychotic, we’ll give ’em drugs that fuck with their immune systems, drugs that fuck with their hormones (turns men into women and vice versa, like an 80’s comedy!)… Drugs that turn them into zombies (more so than they already are)… Drugs that make them infertile, drugs that cause birth defects, drugs that cause ageing, that cause cancer… That give people afros! … As long as it’s a drug, and doctors tell them to take it… They’ll gobble them down like smarties!

And we’ll make hundreds of billions of dollars!

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