I remember the moment I touched down on UK soil…

I said “MI6 just tried assassinating me. They planted a bomb on my plane… … Now they will do everything they can to destroy me”… … AND LOOK WHAT’S HAPPENED! That means, these people are prepared to be blown up, are prepared to allow their children to be blown up… In a war against the truth! In a war against solving the global energy crisis… … Am I correct in that statement or not?


Fuck motorbikes, I’m riding a horse!

Hippology? What about the ancient Israelites? David? Solomon?…

Boom! Burt Reynolds… another one! 😆😅😂🤣

Here’s A Thing You Didn’t Realize About Burt Reynolds

The man loves horses and claims to have owned about 100 in his lifetime.

It’s better than scuba diving! Horse riding is fucking awesome… Bikers are all a gay little fruity club, that automatically think they must have something in common if they know the other person rides, and they wave at each when driving past, and have gay little biker meetings when the weather’s nice… “Ooh, shall we do this Sunday?”

Little boys ride motorbikes, real men ride horses!