A Terrifying Proposition: Is Dark Matter Hydrino Energy? (16:30 London GMT)… “For the first time in human history, the power of the sun has been brought down to the surface of planet Earth!”

“For the first time in human history, the power of the sun has been brought down to the surface of planet Earth!”

“the greatest discovery since fire”

Scheduled for 31 Oct 2019

A Terrifying Proposition

In this talk by experts in Hydrino Energy, one of the most terrifying propositions in history is put forth: that scientists don’t know everything about nature or natural law and may have been missing something at universal scale.

The ghastly notion has to do with dark matter which mounting evidence suggests may be related to the most common visible matter in the universe: hydrogen.

It seems that hydrogen has been covertly making a series of small step-children secretly in chemical reactions not disclosed to the premier scientists in the world.

This has been going on forever!

These reactions are even discreetly taking place in the corona of the sun.

Spectroscopic evidence indicates the sun is generating massive amounts of these hydrinos without the consent of scientists.

Somehow nature has found a way to make these hydrogen allotropes escape detection.

These hydrogen-related species bind themselves so tightly they won’t interact with light.

They are stealth and inert. In an effort to bring light to this dark subject, many scientists around the world have been reproducing these reactions and publishing their results over the last two decades.

Their results are so disruptive and stunning that some psychologists have suggested a spiral of silence has fallen on the physics community.

Come be prepared to lose your mind.

Speakers: Navid Sadikali | CEO | End Of Petroleum – advocate for a new energy industry. Brown University and University of Waterloo Graduate. Brett Holverstott| Writer | Science Advisor | End of Petroleum – advocate for transformational ideas in physics. Formerly employee at NJ based Brilliant Light Power. Reed College Graduate.

If you feel inspired you can read our article on the subject before hand. https://medium.com/@brett.holverstott…

We are happy to help scientists look at the primary literature email: info@endofpetroleum.com

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