Aliens! (Fuck Edward Snowden!)

First of all… Thanks Ed… Israel is much grateful!

Second, any documentation of extraterrestrials making contact with the US Government(if it exists) is on paper, is vaulted and locked away, like fucking Indiana Jones… It sure as fuck is not on any computer system!… AND IT NEVER WILL BE!

(you morons put too much faith into to the digital age)

Second… Even former heads of the CIA, such as Woolsey…

Yes you knob head

… Have stated they believe in UFOs as being of being of extraterrestrial origin… and yet they themselves, even as Chief of CIA, did not have access to such ‘secrets’.

I asked Lt. Colonel Charles Halt (RAF Bentwaters incident)… I caught him off guard, unprepared and with no-one around… outside our hotel 😁… I asked him, if this phenomenon is being covered up, globally, for decades, longer… Then it must be an ‘agency’ operating above CIA, NSA, MI6, Kremlin, Chinese… What did he think it could be?

Honeslty… No exaggeration… I have NEVER seen a look of fear in a man’s eyes EVER! 😲

(I’ve seen mens eyes moments before their impending and inescapable death)

This whole phenomenon, UFOs, alien abduction (DMT? Shamanism?)… the very real and conceivable possibility (when thought through logically)… that an extraterrestrial species, millions if not billions of years advanced than us… is here… amongst us, for whatever reason… … People in the intelligence community know!


(unless you’re talking about Aleister Crowley and shit… Get the fuck outta here! 😆😅😂🤣)

That.. is a fucking ‘alien’… is it not?… Drink some Ayahausca, do some research into shamanism, psychedelics and consciousness… Fuck!

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