Ayahuasca? The Leftovers?… I’m gonna learn to play the piano!

“Here! I’m not making this shit up or exaggerating in any way… last Saturday, I arrived an hour early for a self defence lesson (multiple attackers). I intended to spend the time stretching and doing yoga… Some sort of fucking yoga… BOOM! 😃Piano in the corner of the hall… I sat there, with no musical experience, no musical knowledge (notes and shit)… And whacked out with the most beautiful melody ever!

That’s not just me imagining it, or mishearing it (I know I’m musically tone deaf! Especially in regards to singing!)… But I’m not joking, I came up with a melody, perfected it, and played it across the ‘spectrum’? 🤔 Going from higher to lower.. then changed an end note/key to fit!

I’m not deluding myself or hearing what I wanted to hear… This was a piece of music! From the heart… I have no experience in music, reading or understanding how music is composed… but I’ve been saying for last few years, I could learn the piano!

I had the chance to sit down, with no-one around, and actually put something together! And I did…

Two explantions for this.. Ayahausca has unlocked some gifted musical talent I never knew I had.. or The Leftovers theme!.. or a combination of both!

Or Alberto Guirioli… Tutto è bellissimo 🤗

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