Energy and the Evolution of Life on Earth… including Human Evolution

Listen to me Charles please… This species will do whatever it takes to destroy themselves … … ‘they’ need to go.

DANNY HURLEY 007 😉 'hydrino' energy...


“For the first time in the history of life on Earth, the power of the Sun has been brought down to the surface of the planet”… do you realise the implications of this? The implications for our species, and what it can become?… Evolution.

And it’s not just the implications of having limitless energy, that can be harnessed anywhere in the cosmos, at our fingertips… it’s the implications GUT-CP can have on our DNA, our genetics, epigenetics, our health, our lifespan… … our abilities… it is truly the most monumental and powerful discovery our species has ever made.”

“After the Industrial Revolution, the human population exploded from 1 billion to 7 billion in just 200 years… the implications of introducing such an energy source and new technologies will most likely cause another such explosion…”

“There’s a solution to that also… but if humanity doesn’t introduce such an energy source…

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