Phosphates, Phosphates, Phosphates, the future of global food supply… Solution ‘Terra Preta’… Poo!

Look, it’s like this… billions of human beings are potentially going to starve this century if we do not solve this!!! THIS IS SERIOUS…

Serious shit!

So serious, the British Consulate General to Los Angeles got their top expert to host a Google Hang Out on air regarding the matter…

Dr. Mohamend Hijri is a professor of biology and a researcher at the plant biology research institute (l’Institut de recherche en biologie végétale) at the Université de Montréal. In his talk, he presents the dangers of the next agricultural crisis which are still unknown to the public, and also discusses the negative effects of the non-responsible use of phosphorus. His solution? A project which would employ microscopic mushrooms (mycorrhizal) in a more efficient use of phosphorus for agriculture—and thus providing a remedy to a crisis which might well affect more than what’s on your plate.

The element Phosphorus (P) is among Nitrogen (N) and Carbon ( C ) the most important nutrient for the growth of floral and faunal organisms and thus the production of organic matter on land and in the sea. While there is an ample supply of N and C in the atmosphere – which are introduced to the biosphere by the processes of nitrogen fixation and photosynthesis – P comes from geological deposits, which are of marine origin, mostly stemming from marine sedimentary processes combined with marine transgressions over shallow lowering areas. With the agricultural revolution in the late 19th century and particularly with industrial production of Ammonium from molecular N from the atmosphere with the Haber-Bosch-Procedure early in the 20th century the exploitation of the geological P-deposit increased with an ever growing use of fertilizer after World War II.

I have a solution! 😃 (as usual)… Terra Preta soil… Actually discovered and utilised by a lost and unknown amazonian civilisation thousands of years ago… Problem solved… All we need now is for the rest of these fat, gormless, parasitic pieces of human garbage to :- first take notice, second learn about it, then finally to implement the solutions offered! 🤔 (Bollocks)

What we need you all to do is to recycle the shit that comes out of your arse and not your fucking mouths! 😆😅😂🤣

(unless of course you want us to essentially kill your children by the billions)


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