Boris, Mogg, UK Brexiteers… Blame that spooner cunt Geller! :D

“So does Uri Geller know Krav Maga?… Does he even need to!”

Uri Geller’s messy telepathic ultimatum to MPs: deliver second referendum or ‘bring umbrellas’

Ben GelblumSeptember 25, 2019

As Boris Johnson refuses to resign for unlawfully misleading the Queen, while calling for a vote of no confidence in his own government that opposition MPs refuse to grant him until he asks the EU to delay Brexit to stop a No Deal Brexit he insists he doesn’t want yet will not ask for a delay to avert despite being required to by law… you would be forgiven for thinking things could not get more bizarre.

But it’s not just MPs and the Prime Minister issuing ultimatums.

Now spoon-bending psychic Uri Geller has threatened to make it rain in the House of Commons again. But this time sewage – unless MPs sort out the Brexit mess by allowing the people a second referendum.

In April Parliament was unexpectedly suspended when water pipes burst in the House of Commons ceiling as MPs debated – well, what else – Brexit.

As water from a burst pipe poured from the ceiling, Labour MP Justin Madders quipped: “I think there is probably some kind of symbol about how many people view how broken our Parliament is.”

Uri Geller ’s letter to Theresa May

The London Economic reported the even more unexpected development when Uri Geller who now mainly lives in Tel Aviv, Israel, claimed responsibility for telepathically bending the pipes.

“Yes I did it” the British psychic celebrity who now lives in Israel tweeted to the House of Commons, “I bent the pipes, and I won’t apologise, you all deserve it!” 

His bizarre intervention came after an open letter to Theresa May on the eve of the Put It To The People March, pleading with her to reconsider her damaging Brexit course.

The Tel Aviv-based telepath also published an open letter to the people of Britain “from this spoonbending cockwomble” – as he had been dubbed by someone disagreeing with his views on Brexit. In it he called for Brits to join his daily meditation for a People’s Vote and visualise a second referendum to help make it happen.

Taking the piss

And now the celebrity spoon bender has written another open letter “to all MPs” now Parliament has resumed, warning them “you better take your umbrellas, as I’m seriously considering soaking you all again!

“This time it won’t be the water pipe I’ll bend, it will be the waste pipe! Although, you should be used to taking the piss, as it’s all you’ve done recently at the house of commons.”

“There’s outcry at Boris’s actions regarding suspending parliament, and it’s shocking that it had to come to this, and the Queen has been dragged into this mess,” writes Geller. “Stop making a complete mockery of this amazing country.”

The telly telepath pleads with MPs to take Brexit back to the people with a new referendum now the mess of Brexit is apparent, otherwise he will again make a mess of parliament. Telepathically.

He signs off:

“There is only one sensible route out of this mess, and that is a #secondreferendum. I think you have to make this happen, I don’t see any other solution out of this complete disaster without severe lasting consequences to the #UK & the #EU.

“Remember, don’t forget your umbrellas. 

“Love Uri”


I told ya’ll years ago that Pemex was next!

Meh? I haven’t really looked into this shit for almost two years (Mossack Fonseca, Odebrecht, Appleby, Pemex)… It didn’t really win me many friends! 😆… Besides, I like going to Peru… 🤔 I don’t really want to get a machete to my head during a ‘botched street robbery’… Or some shit.

Has the ‘Odebrecht Moment’ arrived for Pemex and Mexico?

Pemex seeks control of US billion barrel find

Secret Recordings Describe Extensive Bribery at Mexico’s Pemex



Mexican gov’t contractor, former Pemex CEO appear in Panama Papers

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If humanity doesn’t except GUTCP… We enslave them! :D We completely and utterly enslave them and their children.

All you can do is out it to them… Published, verified, scientifically proven… If they choose to ignore it… We completely enslave them… We enslave their children… … And if it comes down to it, we ‘cull’ billions of them.

They live in a fucking fantasy world… They CHOOSE to live in a fucking fantasy world!…. Quantum Mechanics is the result of humanities desire to be enslaved!

WE OWN THIS FUCKING PLANET! We always did… act accordingly …


Ayahuasca? The Leftovers?… I’m gonna learn to play the piano!

“Here! I’m not making this shit up or exaggerating in any way… last Saturday, I arrived an hour early for a self defence lesson (multiple attackers). I intended to spend the time stretching and doing yoga… Some sort of fucking yoga… BOOM! 😃Piano in the corner of the hall… I sat there, with no musical experience, no musical knowledge (notes and shit)… And whacked out with the most beautiful melody ever!

That’s not just me imagining it, or mishearing it (I know I’m musically tone deaf! Especially in regards to singing!)… But I’m not joking, I came up with a melody, perfected it, and played it across the ‘spectrum’? 🤔 Going from higher to lower.. then changed an end note/key to fit!

I’m not deluding myself or hearing what I wanted to hear… This was a piece of music! From the heart… I have no experience in music, reading or understanding how music is composed… but I’ve been saying for last few years, I could learn the piano!

I had the chance to sit down, with no-one around, and actually put something together! And I did…

Two explantions for this.. Ayahausca has unlocked some gifted musical talent I never knew I had.. or The Leftovers theme!.. or a combination of both!

Or Alberto Guirioli… Tutto è bellissimo 🤗