Iran to be annihilated any day soon?

Well… It’s finally here… fucking Gulf War III, Judgement Day!

The most likely scenario is the US bombs shit out Iran in an eight hour timeframe… No warning, no ground troops, no going to the UN… Just launches an all out ‘shock and awe’ attack, and aims to destroy the Mullahs in 24 hours…

Iran could be destroyed in devastating ‘shock and awe’ blitz under leaked US ‘war plan’

Okay… First, what everyone really cares about… Oil prices go through the roof, threatening the global economy.

Second… Instantly, overnight… You have a failed terrorist state on your hands… Make Iraq look like a fucking children’s tea party.

A failed Shia Islamic state… With a population of like 81 million? (Minus the million that where just killed the night before)

It will plunge the entire region into chaos for decades! Fucking generations of hate, of revenge, of terror…hate for Israel.

Iranian proxies (Hezbollah, Hamas, Lebanon, Syria) will go to war with Israel… They’ll target Israeli and Jewish targets worldwide… From London to Japan, and every club that they can get in…

Russia and China won’t be very happy… couldn’t really do much.

The whole region will be a tinder box.. terror in Europe, Latin America, Central Asia…

My concern is Israel.

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