Unbelievable on Netflix

“Where does Netflix get all these shows from? Mindhunter, The Spy, new series of Top Boy… … Now I’m watching the rapey rapey one everyone’s talking about… Unbelievable.

This is an awesome police detective show! Based on a true story, two female detectives catching a serial rapist…

One of the victims is essentially raped multiple times… first by the actual rapist, then again by the two detectives suppose to be investigating it… then again by the court system… Then again by the local media… Then by all her friends and local community. That is a pretty fucking horrific!

Plus one of the female detectives is unbelievably fucking hot! 🙂 I think I’m in love! 😀

“Which one?”

“Not the one who’s a bit of a crazy bitch… The other one… Detective Duvall?… She is soooo cute”

“Do you watch the Walking Dead?”

“The show about surviving a zombie apocalypse? Take a look around you… This is a fucking zombie apocalypse… Don’t need to watch a TV show about it… … Won’t be long before I start shooting these goyim zombies in the face with a crossbow, or caving their skulls in with a shovel!”

I did watch The Santa Clarita Diet! 😀

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