Quantum Of Bullshit… Google making CLAIMS about a ‘Quantum Computer’… … we think their just trying to bullshit the Chinese! :D

“Look… the Chinese know! The Russians know!” … … (of course Israel knows :))
(The Brits don’t even know what fucking day of the week it is)

All Google (the most powerful intelligence gathering and social engineering operation ever deployed by the US military complex) is doing, is making false claims in order to try and dupe the Chinese (and others) into ploughing endless time, energy and money into the ‘Quantum quagmire’… The Quantum Of Bullshit! 😀
JUST STOP WITH THE QUANTUM SHIT!!!… how long can you keep this charade up for?

Why are scientists so excited about a recently claimed quantum computing milestone?

Researchers from Google may have demonstrated ‘quantum supremacy’ for the first time, opening pathways to a new era of computation.

A quantum computer may have solved a problem in minutes that would take the fastest conventional supercomputer more than 10,000 years. A draft of a paper by Google researchers laying out the achievement leaked in recent days, setting off an avalanche of news coverage and speculation.

While the research has not yet been peer-reviewed – the final version of the paper is expected to appear soon – if it all checks out it would represent “the first computation that can only be performed on a quantum processor”.

Why Google’s Quantum Victory Is a Huge Deal—and a Letdown

When news leaked that Google scientists had achieved “quantum supremacy,” researchers immediately clashed on its implications.

A Quantum Component
A quantum computer outperformed a regular computer on an especially complicated task, kicking off debate over what it means for the field.Photograph: Getty Images

They finally did it. After years—no, decades—of declaring their hopes and dreams with hardly any practical results, researchers in the quantum computing community have delivered on a promise. Or have they?

Last week, news leaked that researchers at Google and other institutions had solved a problem on a quantum computer 1 billion times faster than a classical computer. Google did not respond to a request for comment, but according to a draft manuscript describing the experiment, they have realized “quantum supremacy,” an achievement that “heralds the advent of a much-anticipated computing paradigm.”

The reactions from the rest of the quantum community, however, have been downright contradictory. In an email, physicist John Preskill of Caltech calls the work a “truly impressive achievement in experimental physics.” Cautioning that the leaked manuscript is just a draft, mathematician Ashley Montanaro of the University of Bristol says this is a “genuinely exciting moment,” and also that the work is “not of practical relevance.” Dario Gil, the director of research at IBM, disputes the notion of quantum supremacy itself, calling the term “misleading” in a statement to WIRED.

So which one is true?

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