Iran to open first quantum physics lab in a year: AEOI head

“Sometimes I think it might just be best to keep schtum in regards to quantum physics being the biggest load of bullshit of the last 100 years! 😀 Just sit back and watch as the Chinese, the Iranians and others pour vast amount of time, energy and resources into a theory of physics that will never get any real results (even in the U.S it would seem, even though GUTCP is their discovery!).”
… Russia? :/ Well…

Iran to open first quantum physics lab in a year: AEOI head

Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Ali Akbar Salehi said on Saturday that the country would open a first large laboratory dedicated to quantum physics in a year.

MNA/Press TV September 16th 2019

Photo by hassan hedayatzadeh on Unsplash

He added that the country has a bright future in quantum physics as more research centers and labs are being built to encourage young Iranians to enter the field.

“Related experts and managers are working day and night to finish this job as soon as possible,” said Salehi while addressing a summer course on quantum sciences and technology in Tehran, according to Press TV.

The official said Iran had compiled its own roadmap for development of quantum technologies, saying the document would come into force once it is ratified by the parliament and other related government bodies.

He said Iran was willing to keep its pace with a fast-growing quantum science in the world, saying expert groups had been formed in the AEOI to focus on various fields where quantum sciences are increasingly applied, including in communication, imaging, and in making new computers and sensors.

Salehi said his organization had also launched a public information campaign about quantum physics and its role in the future of the world, saying textbooks were being prepared for schools and universities with a special focus on quantum mechanics.

He said a successful entanglement experiment for photons carried out by AEOI scientists last summer had hugely boosted the morale in the field.

The senior official said that a large research center focused on new fields of science like the stem cells and quantum physics will be built by the AEOI in a near future.

Salehi said Iranian scientists could replicate the “quick” progress achieved in the field of nuclear technology in the country over the past years.

“The quantum technology is moving so fast that if we don’t act we’ll regret it,” said the official.

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