Kert Davies Joins End Of Petroleum (hydrino energy)

It is the BIGGEST AND MOST IMPORTANT DISCOVERY IN THE HISTORY OF THE HUMAN RACE… plain and simple. How this is handled, how the public react to this, who ‘controls’ it and how, will decide the fate of this civilisation… IT IS THAT BIG! 😀
I talk to people in the UK about hydrino energy… and they literally have a mental breakdown right in front of me (just imagine what MI6 and The City of London think of this one :D… muppets!)

Kert Davies joins End Of Petroleum to help Foundations and those involved in social enterprise understand hydrino energy. But especially understand how a new energy source isn’t just a technology but can have a sweeping affect on most world-issues we care about poverty, social equity, clean air and water, and many more.

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