Tactical Self Defence pens? Hell yeah I use ’em! :D

Because their shit hot! 😀 … if you know how to use one properly. I think some attacks still require you to have two hands free.

If you know you to use one, or know the basic concepts of self defence, they can be useful, potential life saving weapon. My instructors just say not to over rely on using them… I took one (with a LED light) to a Krav Maga lesson in the dark, and my instructor just smiled.

Doesn’t haven’t to necessarily be a tactical self defence pen… most metal pens (hotel room ) will make as a striking/stabbing weapon.

BIG FAN OF THEM! 😀 Cheap, easy to use, easy to conceal, legal to carry (airports), and can be lethal if used effectively.

Every time a woman I know goes travelling, I always give one away! 😀 Some are like “Thanks!” :), others are more like “Riiiight?” :/

Imagine one of these in your eye! (throat, behind the ear, sternum, any number of pressure points on the human body!).

Also make for essential glass breakers (escaping a vehicle? building? etc.), DNA extractors, Kubotan, some of them come with LED torches, some with a small blade (maybe illegal to carry in some countries)…. … fuck I here some even come as a single round, small calibre firearm! 😀 (most likely illegal in most countries!)

Self defence is like Tesco… every little helps!

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The Best Tactical Pen And How To Use It

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