NewScientist – Have ‘we’ got Quantum completely wrong? :D Quantum weirdness isn’t real – we’ve just got space and time all wrong

I honestly cannot grasp how the worlds greatest minds and theoreticians are unable to grasp this… Quantum is completely and utterly bullshit! 😀 All of it… if it is the most successful scientific theory ever developed and the pinnacle of human thought… that says a lot about the state of modern humanity.
It’s insane! It’s a mental illness! It’s a fucking fairy tale!

Quantum weirdness isn’t real – we’ve just got space and time all wrong

A radical new idea erases quantum theory’s weird uncertainties – by ripping up all we thought we knew about how the universe works, says physicist Lee Smolin 21 August 2019 By Lee Smolin

quantum artwork

QUANTUM mechanics is often called a theory of the very small. In reality, it explains phenomena on a vast range of scales – from elementary particles and their interactions, through atoms and molecules, all the way to neutron stars and the supernovae that spawn them. So far, essentially all its predictions have been confirmed by experiments. It is the most successful theory of material reality we have ever had.

So why have so many physicists, from Albert Einstein onwards, taken the view that quantum theory is wrong?

The reasons lie in its mysterious nature, in the phenomena it doesn’t explain and the answers it doesn’t give. That is reason enough to seek what might lie beyond it. I believe we already have the outline of what this deeper answer looks like. We are only at the start of this work, but by digging down into the fundamental principles that underlie reality, and weeding out what is right and what is wrong about our current ideas, we can see glimpses of a truly unifying picture of physics. It comes at a price: to go beyond quantum, we must totally upend long-held ideas of how the universe hangs together.

It is easy to state the basic problem of quantum mechanics as a theory of reality: it doesn’t tell us what is happening in reality. It has two different laws to describe how things and events evolve. The first applies …

Read more: https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg24332440-600-quantum-weirdness-isnt-real-weve-just-got-space-and-time-all-wrong/#ixzz5xPeYjKzD

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