Everything I know… I share with Israel! :D

“Hey… at least I no longer have to pretend! 😀 I recommend MI6 start doing the same.” 😉

It’s the greatest and most important scientific discovery in human history… and the CIA are sat on it like the fat yank bell ends that they are.
It’s the future of global energy, all $280 trillion of it. An almost inexhaustible, clean, safe and extraordinary energy source, derived solely form the hydrogen atom. It’s the future of anti-gravity propulsion. It’s the future of molecular modelling… drugs, bio technology, genetics… all molecules. It’s the future of understanding the sun, the cosmos… possibly understanding how the universe gave rise to consciousness and became self aware. It’s the identity of dark matter. It’s a new discipline of chemistry… ‘electron orbitalities’. It’s the future of global technologies and industries, the future of the global financial system… creating more millionaires and billionaires than any other time in history. It’s potentials are unlimited.
WELCOME TO THE HYDRINO ECONOMY FUCKOS! 😀 …. Not moving on this one. 🙂
“whomever controls GUTCP, controls the planet”

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