No fucking way! 😀 NO FUCKING WAY!
I don’t know whether I’m shocked because it’s so blatant, whether we all saw it coming (I said this would happen the other day!)… or whether… it’s Epstein!
Fucking hell fire club… his lifestyle caught up with him in the end then.

If this was Game Of Thrones (which it often is)… Epstein would have been one of the child brothel owners in Kings Landing, trying to blackmail some of the really powerful players of Westeros… … I hope he got something really big shoved up his arse as he was “committing suicide”… … fucking nonce.
I might be a lot of things, prepared to play the game in a lot of ways, but I ain’t having anything to do with people having sex with children.

Who has the ‘Little Black Book’ just out interest?

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