Psilocybin mushrooms! I’ve figured out how to do them… :D

“Angelic magical butterfly beings! Again! 😀 … dozens of them. Flying above the most awesome magical landscape you can imagine… … I think I was one this time?”


  1. Grow magic mushrooms

2. Invite like minded, psychonaut friends round…. five or six individuals?
3. Each person should have a comfortable, silent room to themselves. Eye patch. Recliner chair.
4. Main room (living room) should be the communal room, left free for after the initial trip.
5. Blend mushrooms up with orange juice and one lemon, one lime.

6. Each person has a large dose of mushroom and orange blend. Goes back to designated room to meditate, and journey.
7. After hour or two (depending), when initial experience is over, each person can meet in communal room (or back garden), and absolutely laugh their arse off and chat absolute bollocks for next four/five hours…

These things are so fucking awesome!

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