Psilofuckingcybe cubensis… wow!

I think I may have just pushed my psilocybin dose to the limit… to people who have never experienced psychedelic compounds, who have no idea of ‘shamanism’, higher dimensions, who don’t believe in ESP or telepathy… extra-terrestrials… … which is the vast majority of human beings! This would just sound absolutely crazy. :/

First… Freemasons, there playing with this TECHNOLOGY! Occult societies, Illuminati… they’ve been using these compounds for hundreds of years.
That’s how some of them have an upper hand over the rest of humanity. Telepathy, ESP… even being in contact with ‘extra-terrestrial’ or higher dimensional beings.
I’VE ALWAYS SAID… ‘understanding telepathy and ESP is the key to ruling the world’… right from the fucking beginning. There is no public scientific study to corroborate or support the notion of telepathy… BUT WE ALL KNOW IT’S GOING ON! It’s a skill or a tool that is crucial to human survival (and reproduction! :D).

Mushrooms! Life! It’s first and foremost all about sex! Guiding human reproduction with the opposite sex of the species… that’s kind of where telepathy first comes into play (especially in adolescence and young adulthood).

Second… once you understand telepathy, and ESP… and other don’t (most don’t even believe in it!)… you have an evolutionary advantage over them. You are in a position to manipulate and control them, without them even fucking knowing. This is how humanity has organised itself into Occult societies, systems of control and power… and the vast majority are now absolutely fucking clueless.

Third… you’re accessing higher dimensions. We’re operating (subconsciously?) in a higher dimension… this dimension we share with other entities… entities far more advanced than us. They’re guiding and interacting humanity. They have the technology to heal (lasers?), to watch, to guide… the movie ‘THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU’!

I don’t know… magic mushrooms are fucking amazing… but truly something so unimaginable and difficult to grasp and comprehend.

Magic Mushrooms Are A Prime Candidate For The Philosopher’s Stone, According to Freemason and Masonic Rosicrucian, P.D. Newman

October 16, 2017

The ancient practice of alchemy and its closely guarded and highly coded library of secrets and symbolism hints at the existence of a philosopher’s stone or lapis philosophorum. This “stone of the wise” is believed to be the key to immortality and is quite frequently referenced in a various mystical, mythical, and esoteric genres of fiction novels, movies, television shows, and video games. The philosopher’s stone is also referred to as the “stone of projection” as it is said to facilitate a bodily liberation of consciousness to explore and roam astral planes understood in alchemy as methods of spiritual travel.

After pouring through the writings and language of famously known alchemists of the past, P.D. Newman formally asserts that the philosopher’s stone may well in fact exist; however, with a twist. Newman believes the language of famous alchemists elude to Psilocybe cubensis, a strain of psychedelic mushroom as one potential example of a true “stone of the wise.”

Newman points to a common alchemical axiom, “not of stone, not of bone, not of metal” speaking to the physical properties of lapis philosophorum as coming from neither the mineral nor animal kingdom; thus further eluding to the plant kingdom as a potential house of origination. As an entheogenic plant, the ingestion of P. cubensis is said to catalyze an experience of the Divine, immortal soul within. In doing so, such a revelation opens up the individual to an understanding of the continuity of “consciousness independent of the mortal frame”; our bodies in this physical manifestation.

Newman also refers to alchemist E.A. Hitchcock’s text, Remarks Upon Alchemy (1857) as including a major support to his theory. Hitchcock refers to the stone as that which “bloomed sweetly upon the dunghill”. We find that P. cubensis inherently requires the presence of dung in order to sustain itself. Hitchcock also includes a lunar analogy stating, the “Moon is white in its naturalistic State” yet blue if “molested”. Newman believes that Hitchcock’s coded remarks relate directly to the white coloration of P. cubensis in their natural state and their blue coloration when bruised or broken.

Additionally, he cites the writings of alchemist Andreas Libavius in his work, Alchymia (1606). Within, Libavius includes various drawings that seem to resemble an early model of a terrarium filled with a “dung bath” atop which what appears like mushroom caps and stipes grow upon. Perhaps early alchemist like Libavius cultivated their own entheogens.

Alchemist & Rosicrucian apologist Count Michael Maier alludes to the philosopher’s stone as a “Dragon” both “Winged and Volatile” allowing one’s consciousness to take flight and giving potency to the work of alchemy. Maier asserts that alchemical work without such “Dragons” and their “wings” makes alchemical work itself impotent. He references a “Philosophickal Dung” as the location of such “Dragons”; possibly P. cubensis and its “wings”, or the potential to create spiritual experience and even spiritual travel.

Despite the coded language, Maier’s mention of “Volatile” seems to remind us of the necessity of carefulness when going about the use of such philosopher’s stones. Like Newman, I’m led to believe that P. cubensis is indeed one such stone. Furthermore with the great potency and potential inherent within entheogenic catalysts, I equally believe in the requirement of great care, wisdom, and attentiveness present in any and all attempts to indulge.

We find ancient systems like the Eleusian celebrations of the Greater Mystery in which the ergot fungus was blended into a beverage called kykeon for ingestion upon an initiate’s sacred initiatory journey. Such a practice was carefully controlled, incredibly transformational, and done with the highest intentions throughout the entire experience. Let us all take a lesson from such ancient mystery schools and be open to the deeper meanings inherent in any usage of the philosopher’s stone available in our present era.


Newman VII, P.D. Psilocybe cubensis: A Worthy Candidate for the Philosopher’s Stone. Disinfo

P. D. Newman

by Greg Kaminsky on October 24, 2016

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P. D. Newman specializes in entheogenic symbolism within Masonic ritual, is the author of the forthcoming book Alchemically Stoned: The Sprig of Acacia and the Psychedelic Secret of Freemasonry, and is our guest in podcast episode 171.


“P.D. Newman is a Scottish Rite Freemason and a Masonic Rosicrucian. The focus of his research is on the presence of entheogenic symbolism within Masonic ritual. He has had papers published by a variety of Masonic periodicals and popular websites. His book, Alchemically Stoned: The Sprig of Acacia and the Psychedelic Secret of Freemasonry … planned for release in 2017 … explores the ceremonial use of the powerful entheogen dimethyltryptamine (DMT) within Masonic ritual. The sprig of acacia is an important symbol within Freemasonry. But, unbeknownst even to the fraternity’s own initiates, the acacia is rich in more than just symbolism. Newman details the actual use of acacia-produced DMT by alchemically inclined Freemasons as early as 1762. His premise challenges everything we think we know about the history, nature, and aims of the Masonic fraternity.”


Newman is currently fundraising to support the writing and publishing of his upcoming book. To support his work, visit the GoFundMe page at https://www.gofundme.com/2husmt5w. “With a foreword from Clark Heinrich and an introduction by Dr. David Harrison, Alchemically Stoned: The Sprig of Acacia and the Psychedelic Secret of Freemasonry will be an essential addition to the libraries of psychedelic enthusiasts and Freemasons alike.”


Newman is doing serious research on entheogenic symbolism and Masonic ritual, publishing articles in both Masonic and popular venues. He has an extensive background in ceremonial magick and psychedelics, so it with authority that he brings forward his research. Regardless of opinions about his conclusions, this is important research and an area that cannot be ignored. During the interview, I was not nearly as open-minded as I would have preferred and interrupted to voice my own opinion at times, but Newman was gracious and patiently explained his research and conclusions. He’s certainly provided food for thought. I encourage you to read more of Newman’s articles if you find this subject interesting, as well as his upcoming book.

Sir William Fettes Douglas The Alchemist 19th cent.

In the Occult of Personality Membership Section, P. D. Newman and I continue the interview, discussing the nature of gnosis and his upcoming book Alchemically Stoned. Join us for that fascinating conversation! Go to http://occultofpersonality.net/membership/membership-options/ and Join Now if you haven’t already. It’s the best way to support the podcast while receiving access to a tremendous amount of additional exclusive content!

Phillip Newman @Academia.edu

Support Alchemically Stoned: A Book by P. D. Newman – GoFundMe

“The Sprig of Acacia: An Emblem of Our Faith in the Immortality of the Soul” by P. D. Newman

“Masonry and the Mysteries of Eleusis Revisited: Threshing Floors and Waterfalls” by P. D. Newman

“The Use of DMT in Early Masonic Ritual” by P. D. Newman

“Masonic Templary III: The Contents of the Cup” by P. D. Newman

“Count Cagliostro’s Libation of Acacia and the Herb Rue of the Irwins’ Fratres Lucis” by P. D. Newman

“Psilocybe Cubensis: A Worthy Candidate for the Philosopher’s Stone” by P. D. Newman

“Aleister and Amanitas” by P. D. Newman

4 thoughts on “Psilofuckingcybe cubensis… wow!”

  1. It is certainly true that modest use 9f psilocybyn has altered my character and behaviour. For the better, I believe. As, happily, does my wife. It has also opened some doors. I have not however seen aliens or acquired magical powers. I would love so to see and acquire but my innate scepticism warns me that I may be disappointed. We wish for these things. But I have yet to meet anyone who has achieved these heights. Never say never!


    1. I sincerely hope you do! I believe it’s called a ‘breakthrough’ experience?
      What I did… took all the mushrooms I had (pictured above), blended them up in orange juice with one lemon and one lime, apparently this breaks the psilocybin down into psilocyn… let it sit for twenty minutes, then drunk the lot in one go.
      I sat in complete darkness, with a eye mask on… and the experience lasted for maybe three hours… at one pint I was on board an alien craft… an alien hospital, being monitored… bizarre! 😀


  2. I did see an alien spacecraft. It wasn’t an ego loss experience nonetheless I saw it as clear as day. But I guess I knew I was not really there. You be contrast must have felt you were really there. Must have been quite a ride. Are you feeling changed at all? I would like much more change than I have seen so far. It particular a permanent banishment of lifelong negativity and depression. That’s the aim anyway.


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