Mushrooms are a highly evolved extraterrestrial species – Organic internet… Are mushrooms from outer space?… The Mushrooms Could be an Alien Species | A Crazy Hypothesis?

There’s something amazing about the hypothesis of… through all the talk of UFO phenomenon, alien ‘abductions’, ancient aliens and Annunaki… fucking shapeshifting lizards from Alpha Draconis… … it was the mighty mushroom that was right under noses! (and on our toe nails, and on our plates, growing everywhere, in every environment, in every condition, on every continent)… an unimaginably ancient and mysterious extra-terrestrial intelligence that conquered the Universe in the form of the shroom! 😀

Mushrooms are a highly evolved extraterrestrial species – Organic internet

Mushrooms are a highly evolved extraterrestrial species - Organic internet

It is a crazy thought, right?! To think that mushrooms could be alien life. But before you dismiss the idea, take a look at some of principles of the theory. The main concept was formulated by the ingenious psychonaut philosopher Terrence McKenna, and goes along following lines.

Like no other form of life on our planet, the spores of mushrooms are almost perfectly suited to space travel. They can survive high vacuum and insanely low temperatures; the casing of a spore is one of the most electron dense materials in nature, to the point where McKenna says it is almost akin to a metal; global currents are even able to form on the quasi-metallic surface of an airborne spore, which then acts as a repellent to the extreme radiation of space. It is a mind boggling thought that something could evolve to be so perfectly suited to explore the universe.

If a civilization is advanced enough, then chances are their concepts and understanding of reality would far outweigh ours. If they were advanced enough to be able to change their very genetic structure, then there would be a lot of merit in changing/evolving into a mushroom. Mushrooms are highly resilient, non-invasive, practically immortal, full of neurotransmitters, and able to weather space. It would be the perfect way to explore and colonize the galaxy. Plus once mushrooms establish themselves, they create an underground neural network of mycelium that highly resembles the neural networks of the human brain or the internet.

Are mushrooms from outer space?

on November 21, 2015

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By Scott Mechura EBS Food Columnist

It isn’t a fruit or vegetable, it isn’t a fiber, and it certainly isn’t a protein. Then what is a mushroom?

Other than the mouthwatering anticipation with which chefs and foragers harvest morels or golden chanterelles from the Gallatin Valley each year, or prized truffles from France or Italy, most of us don’t often give the mushroom the same attention as local beef, trout, or fresh produce.

Classified as fungi, mushrooms are referred to as hidden kingdoms unto themselves. They have a symbiotic relationship with plants, animals, and other fungi, as well as a parasitic one.

The study of mushrooms is called mycology, which differs from the disciplines of biology and botany. And while you may never think about the white buttons in the blue Styrofoam in the produce section, they just may be the most unique food you’ll ever eat.

Most of us believe the round, colorful structure we see growing above ground to be the whole mushroom, when in fact that is merely the “fruit” of a much larger organism living underground made up of connected filaments called mycelium.

Modern day scientists say that mushrooms are more closely related to animals than plants, the primary reasons being they “breathe” oxygen and “exhale” carbon dioxide like humans, rather than the reverse in the plant world. And mushrooms contain no chlorophyll.

The late ethnobotanist Terence McKenna suggested that mushrooms are responsible for human intelligence as we know it. His theory hypothesized that mushroom spores possess all of the necessary requirements to travel on space currents. Furthermore, they could have settled in the brain matter of primitive humanoids and, following the lines of modern day hallucinogenic mushrooms, directly contributed to our modern day intelligence and self awareness.

McKenna went on to theorize that mushrooms are the reason there is human life on earth.

While this may seem like material from a science fiction novel, there is no avoiding the fact that mushrooms possess many traits that are unique to their kingdom alone.

Fungi build cell walls out of chitin, the same material that makes up the hard outer shells of insects and other arthropods. These cell walls contain similar chemicals found in butterfly and beetle wings, as well as the plumage of some colorful birds, such as peacocks.

Living spores have been found and collected in every level of earth’s atmosphere. Mushroom spores are electron-dense and can survive in the vacuum of space. Additionally, their outer layer is actually metallic and of a purple hue, which naturally allows the spore to deflect ultraviolet light. And as if all this wasn’t unique enough, the outer shell of the spore is the hardest organic compound to exist in nature.

Who knows, maybe I’ll look to the stars the next time I enjoy a fresh, sautéed Crimini mushroom with a glass of Nebbiolo in hopes of seeing a mushroom-shaped constellation.

The Mushrooms Could be an Alien Species | A Crazy Hypothesis?

The OthersMay 6, 2018


A crazy hypothesis: mushrooms could be extraterrestrial species coming from the Universe to colonize the Earth. When you look in a dark night and see the unknown stars scattered in the sky, it’s easy to think of the universe as infinite. Perhaps we will have to spend our lives asking ourselves about the true nature of the dimension of the universe. It is a mystery, like many others, that comes with an exciting attraction that draws our attention, but never offers real answers.

Whether you struggle with the great universe or how life has appeared on Earth, our existence multiplies with a bizarre turning of nature that we can not explain or understand.

These questions can disturb us and feed us for our entire lives – but they are also a key part of human experience.

Our planet is full of trees, herbs, birds, and bees. It also has a lot of bacteria. Everything is life and they all reproduce to preserve their lives.

But how did life begin in the world? How has a mass of cells moved from an inert collection of organic molecules into a being that is sometimes even intelligent?

The short answer is: we do not know exactly how life has appeared.

There is a chance that, 4 billion years ago, aliens escaped a few microbes and let it run wild. And of course, many religions have supernatural explanations for the origins of life.

Many scientists believe that life is a natural progression for planets containing the ingredients required for biologies, such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and other fundamental blocks.

With the right spark – say, a lightning – these foundation stones slowly develop into cell walls and DNA that are suited for reproducible life. Researchers continue to perform such experiments in laboratories, hoping to discover the formula to make the life.

Cycles of Nature (Water, Carbon, & Nitrogen Cycles)

In my life of an amateur researcher in the field of paranormal events, I have encountered many insane theories of conspiracy, one more incredible than another.

Well, among them is the one that I describe in the following article: namely that … mushrooms could be highly advanced alien species that would have invaded Earth.

Are mushrooms an alien species that invaded the Earth and conquered the rest of the known universe? It seems like a crazy idea, but before rejecting this idea, let’s explore this possibility.

Did you know that mushrooms grow in a special area of theirs, away from other plants and animals?

They do not have chlorophyll, take oxygen and produce carbon dioxide, having a wide variety of shapes and colors.

There are 75 mushroom species that shine in the dark.

Pigeon mushrooms
Japan’s Mycena lux-coeli mushrooms, found in the Southern Wakayama prefecture.

Did you know that the largest living organism ever found is the “honey fungus” in eastern Oregon (USA), covering an area of 2,200 acres?

California Fungi: Armillaria mellea

But what do the mushrooms have with the stellar journeys?

Compared to other forms of life on our planet, mushroom spores are almost perfect for space travel.

They can survive in the vacuum and are resistant to extremely cold temperatures. The cover of the mushroom spore is one of the most resistant in nature. It is made of chitin, a highly resistant material.

Interestingly, mushroom spores have been found in all atmospheric layers.

Their outer layer looks as if it’s metallic, allowing it to reflect ultraviolet light. In addition, the spores can be hibernating for a long time and still germinate.

It seems that mushrooms have found a way to survive under the harsh conditions of outer space.

Puffball mushrooms
Puffball mushrooms release spores by popping

Every year we spend billions of dollars to find alien life, but can we recognize it?

And if the mushrooms were anything but extraterrestrial species that were highly evolved and found a way to modify their DNA so they could explore the whole universe?

These mushrooms are very resistant and easily adapt to the most environmentally friendly conditions. Under certain circumstances, mushroom spores could travel from one planet to another.

This could allow them to colonize every planet that would provide them with oxygen.

We have a preconceived idea that an alien should look like us: head, hands, feet. If these mushrooms were life-forms in a smart way, then they might consider us humans as inferior and less evolved species.

It is true that until now, as far as we know, no mushroom has written a 1,000-page novel or composed any musical symphony, but perhaps they have another way of expressing their creativity.

What we know so far about mushrooms is that they have created a vast neural network of mycelas, very similar to the neural network of the human brain.

Could these mushrooms have their own version of the Internet? Research on fungi has increased a lot in recent years, so it would be very interesting to learn more about these possible alien visitors.

What do you think: mushrooms come from outer space, are our space masters, or are they just good as a roasting lining?

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