Are Magic Mushrooms a Gateway to a Different World? Elves, Spirits, and Extraterrestrials… Can psychedelics help us communicate with aliens?… The Mushroom – Our Extraterrestrial Friend From Outer Space?

I had the police round at my house the other day (I was the one reporting a crime), and the copper went up to my room to take a look out the window… fucking big bag of mushrooms growing on the floor right under the window.
These are still are Class A controlled substance in the UK remember! :/
(he obviously couldn’t have cared less)

Most of the news in the media is the psychological and therapeutic effects of ‘microdosing’.

Microdosing Psychedelics Like Mushrooms and LSD Linked to Better Mood and Focus, but Scientists Warn Evidence Is Thin

Microdosing psychedelics: Does the evidence live up to the hype?

Science of microdosing psychedelics remains patchy and anecdotal, say researchers

I know of people who swear by it… who state they took anti-depressants for years, nothing would work, and now they micro dose magic mushrooms, and the effects are outstanding.

I’m interested in whether micro dosing may be beneficial for Krav Maga and Self Defence! 😀
From an evolutionary hypothesis, small amounts of psychedelic compounds may have actually aided our ancestors survival… of course if you get the dosage wrong. :/

Anyway… the first time I took shrooms, I just took as many as I possibly could… … ended up dancing around the kitchen with faeries and dragons… it was like lifting a veil into a spirit world.

Are Magic Mushrooms a Gateway to a Different World? Elves, Spirits, and Extraterrestrials

Magic mushrooms have been at the center of many stories where people claim to see and communicate with otherworldly beings, spirits, and even God.

Some people think these claims are outrageous. The question becomes – is any of this possible – and if so, how?

Many people who use hallucinogenic mushrooms have claimed to encounter fairies, aliens, gods, elves and more while on a mushroom trip. Avid users will tell you that within the mushroom plant lives a spirit that has a very powerful psychedelic substance psilocybin and once you consume it, the spirit will communicate with them. Some people feel that this wise, mushroom spirit has spoken to them, revealing valuable information.

It is believed that this spirit is ancient, extraterrestrial and may, in fact, be the consciousness of God or the Earth.

Terence McKenna, an ethnobotanist, spent his life focusing on the idea that psilocybin mushrooms are not only a chemical message from a different star system, but that they also are a gateway for telepathic communication with other higher realms.

Art by Phazed

According to McKenna’s research, small insulated and secure mushroom spores can journey through space by jumping on board of comets, then cultivating planets, creating synergetic relationships with advanced species with the goal of extending their consciousness throughout the universe.

This isn’t the first time we have heard something of this nature. Nobel laureate Francis Crick was the first to state a similar notion that life travels throughout the universe through the implantation of warm, egg-like ocean planets, via chemical amino acid chains inside of sperm-like comets. This belief is called “directed panspermia.”

Crick was one of the people who found the double-helix structure of the DNA molecule, which was, in fact, a huge addition to biology and greatly progressed the science of genetics.

The experiences reported by people encountering extraterrestrial life forms while using DMT (dimethyltryptamine a psychedelic close in composition to psilocybin) and magic mushroom are very similar. During laboratory testing, those using DMT often say they are being experimented on by a very intelligent alien, insectoid scientist. These amazing claims of alien abduction by people on DMT are close to (yet somewhat different from) the reports of extraterrestrial experiences while on ayahuasca trips.

Ayahuasca is a herb that has been used in the Amazon jungles for thousands of years for shamanic healing. It has DMT and a chemical known as an “MAO-inhibitor” or better yet, harmaline, that causes the DMT to be activated in your mouth. It can shift the type of experience by lengthening its time and reducing how fast the experience occurs. During a DMT journey with harmaline, it tends to be a lot less scary, and the spirits encountered are not so alien – rather they are from earth, appearing as helpful teachers and healers.

Basically, magic mushroom, DMT and ayahuasca experiences are very similar in nature.

There are reports that hallucinogenic mushrooms lead to connections with alien technologically advanced biomechanical entities from various star systems. On the other hand, some people report seeing animals, nature spirits, and ancestors. Celtic and Irish stories often indicate that some people have made contact with “elves” and “fairies” while taking hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Researchers have referred to alien and fairy abduction myths. When you think about the idea that entities such as demons exist, it makes you wonder the possibilities of all these other extraterrestrial claims. If many people believe in the existence of demons who is to say that beings such as aliens, elves and faeries don’t exist as well.

There seems to be otherworldly beings that are creating unexplained experiences in our world. These encounters – what we may consider to be paranormal – are steadily gaining the interest of many people. Some information implies that these beings have existed and tampered with humanity since the beginning of time. Due to the limited scope of our psyche, we struggle to understand and receive any actual proof of what some are claiming to experience.

It is not far fetched to theorize that the beings and communications experienced with magic mushroom spirits are in some way playing tricks on us and messing with our minds. Especially when you consider other reports of UFO sightings, alien abductions, and crop formations.

In a novel written by Dennis McKenna titled, The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss, he writes about his amazingly interesting psychedelic adventures and unexplainable journeys with his late brother, Terence McKenna.

He shares a number of mind boggling explorations in this autobiography. Dennis McKenna also explores various theories about the intelligent life form that exists within magic mushrooms. It will really make you think – although you will probably be uncertain of what to make of the experiences he shares.

Roland Griffiths, a Johns Hopkins University neuroscience researcher, has spent several years delving into the clinical effects of psilocybin, the hallucinogenic chemical in magic mushroom. Alongside the abundance of studies for psilocybin’s therapeutic capabilities, he has successfully been able to confirm that religious phenomena can at times occur with psilocybin – just like what mystics have been saying for centuries.

Now Griffiths is performing a private, online survey to distinguish challenging occurrences that people using magic mushrooms tend to have such as “bad trips,” be they considered good or a negative experience. According to Griffiths, this survey will be key to shedding light on the therapeutic uses for psilocybin that researchers are now investigating.

Can psychedelics help us communicate with aliens?

We talk to therapist Daniel McQueen about his plan to help humans explore higher dimensional spaces – which he claims may be populated by aliens and god-like entities – through the use of psychedelic medicines.

Daniel McQueen is a mindfulness-based therapist, cannabis educator, and healing practitioner based in Boulder, Colorado. On a quest for new spiritual experiences, he uses plant medicines like cannabis to help his clients make a connection with something bigger than themselves.

After completing a masters degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology, McQueen took part in the first FDA-approved study on MDMA-assisted therapy for PTSD. Inspired by that work, McQueen and his wife founded Medicinal Mindfulness – a grassroots organisation which supports individuals and groups who use cannabis and psychedelics “with intention.”

He now hopes to legally research DMT, the hallucinogenic drug known for producing an intense but brief psychedelic experience, which is found in the ayahuasca brew used by people in Central and South America. A DMT experience is around 15 minutes, with the peak lasting roughly 5-7 minutes; other psychedelic experiences typically last several hours.

McQueen is currently recruiting ‘Psychonauts’ – a term coined by Ernst Jünger in 1970 – from all over the world to explore the next frontier with DMT. Daniel McQueen’s goal is to extend the peak of DMT, allowing Psychonauts to safely explore the higher dimensional spaces – spaces which he claims may be populated by aliens and god-like entities.

He is calling this new endeavour Extended-State DMT or DMTx, and his goal is to have the Psychonauts trained and a location secured by 2020. We caught up with him to find out more.

What exactly is a Psychonaut?
The term ‘psyche’ means mind or soul, and the ‘naut’ means an explorer or sailor. Anybody that intentionally uses these medicines to explore consciousness, psyche, or their spiritual world would be considered a Psychonaut.


So if you’re taking psychedelics recreationally, does that mean you are a Psychonaut?
Taking psychedelics to get messed up is not being a Psychonaut. But, while doing this, someone can drop into a space that they didn’t know they existed, and all of a sudden they’re interested in becoming Psychonauts. Then, they start taking with intention. I help people who explore psychedelics intentionally and to reduce the harm caused by using recreationally.

Can you explain more about your plans to develop an Extended-State DMT (aka DMTx)? How exactly will it work?
For DMTx, we would combine a targeted infusion pump technology with a pharmacokinetic model of how DMT gets absorbed and metabolised. The goal is to make it as long as possible. When you extend the peak length to 10 to 15 minutes, that’s double the normal DMT peak. That’s pretty significant.

And you want to extend the peak because you want that the psychonaut to retrieve information? …From where?
Well, to have an opportunity to have a longer conversation with whatever is happening out there. Your nervous system is super activated. It isn’t just floating around the earth – it’s having direct encounters with entities.

Most of the time people are activated in that five minutes. I’d like to think of giving yourself more time for your nervous system to calm back down while still being in the space. Then you can engage, look around, and explore. I’m also interested in the terrain. Is it a visual representation of our psyche? A higher dimensional space? A spirit world?

Has anyone done a version of Extended-State DMT yet?
There are stories in the psychedelic underground communities of people using morphine drips and pushing the button repeatedly. I know of one report where an infusion pump was used. But I don’t think anybody’s ever done the pharmacokinetic model. They were guesstimating when they were pushing the flow rate.


Is it dangerous?
A lot of Psychonauts are self-experimenters, so risk-taking is pretty common among us. There’s a difference between skilful risk-taking and inappropriate dangerous recreational risk-taking. The difference is skill, awareness, and maturity. As a psychedelic community, it’s time to start differentiating between those two.

Adding drugs to increase the DMT durations is not Extended-State DMT. It’s those drugs plus the DMT. The longest DMT journey I’ve ever had was with ayahuasca: it had DMT in it and MAOI, but I wasn’t able to break through. It was a difficult experience. At the end of it, I decided to try to break through by smoking DMT because I had MAOI and other medicines in my system. I had an hour-long peak DMT experience.

That sounds scary.
It was amazing.

Did you feel in control?
No, I was in a psychedelic state. There was no coming out of it. I’m trained to engage it, be with it, and acknowledge it, so I just rode the wave of it.

Are you able to be aware of both realities when on DMT?
Well, that’s where skill comes in. I teach people how to stay cognizant of who they are and fully engage in the experience. Not everybody can do that. For most people it’s such a fast experience that the only thing you can do is surrender to it, witness it, and try not to freak out because it’s such a blast off. We call it the DMT flash because it’s five to seven minutes.

Does it seem like five minutes?
It seems like a moment in time but also like an eternity. It’s like a space beyond time so you can think regarding higher dimensionality where time becomes a spatial dimension. You can travel through times of spatial dimensions.

I don’t understand.
It’s bizarre, and it seems to be populated.

Populated by what?
Populated by everything – by all kinds of entities, presences and people. It depends on your religious orientation or science orientation. Religious people see what they think are aliens and non-religious people see God.


Is there any familiarity with that space when you use DMT more than once?
Sometimes it’s very different, but there are definite themes in my experience. The same spirits come to me and welcome me. It’s like meeting old friends or family. They use lights and colour to communicate. They seem to communicate through visuals, so they don’t seem alien or angelic to me. They’re higher dimensional entities.

Who is the ideal Psychonaut candidate for DMTx?
Are they doing interesting things in the world? Are they functional? Do they have a support system? Can they function in a world? Do they have relationships? These are all things that healthy individuals have.

The psychedelic community has a checkered history, a history of difficult experiences. We’re often gifted human beings, creatively and intellectually. So a lot of gifted human beings have funny personality glitches and traits. There’s a risk-taking element that we want to assess. If there is a history of drug abuse, it should be further in the past and they’ve shown recovery. If there’s a history of trauma, they’ve worked through it.

This September, we are doing a training retreat, a community gathering and bringing everybody who’s interested in DMT work to come together and figure out how we’re going to get it going.

When do you think will DMTx happen?
The goal is 2020. I think once we get over the where and where we get the medicine, both are doable. You know we haven’t established that yet. Once we get that, then we are good to go.

The Mushroom – Our Extraterrestrial Friend From Outer Space?

We know it sounds crazy, but there is biological reasoning to back the theory up!

Magic mushrooms have the ability to blast our minds in to outer space, showing us the inner workings of the universe, and allowing us to understand life far past the boundaries of the basic conceptions we have here on earth. It turns out, that some theorists, philosophers and scientists think this could go beyond their psychedelic abilities, as mushroom spores could theoretically travel through space!

It is a crazy thought! To think that mushrooms could be alien life. But before you dismiss the idea, take a look at some of principles of the theory. Even if it does happen to be incorrect, it’s a beautiful and fascinating notion, which can be used to stimulate debate and exploration next time you are high! The main concept was formulated by the ingenious psychonaut philosopher Terrence McKenna, and goes along following lines.

Like no other form of life on our planet, the spores of mushrooms are almost perfectly suited to space travel. They can survive high vacuum and insanely low temperatures; the casing of a spore is one of the most electron dense materials in nature, to the point where McKenna says it is almost akin to a metal; global currents are even able to form on the quasi-metallic surface of an airborne spore, which then acts as a repellent to the extreme radiation of space. It is a mind boggling thought that something could evolve to be so perfectly suited to explore the universe.


So maybe mushrooms do come from another part of the galaxy. If moving through the galaxy at a typical rate of stellar material, spores could move from one side of the galaxy in under 400,000 years – which isn’t that much in the grand scheme of things. But why? If this theory is true, is it just coincidence that they happen to travel through space? What is the purpose, and why have they evolved to do so? Is it simple proliferation, or is it more? The theory raises many questions.

To go some length to explain it, McKenna takes the theory further. He uses the possibility of a highly advanced civilisation as his example. If a civilisation is advanced enough, then chances are their concepts and understanding of reality would far outweigh ours. If they were advanced enough to be able to change their very genetic structure, then there would be a lot of merit in changing/evolving into a mushroom. Mushrooms are highly resilient, non-invasive, practically immortal, full of neurotransmitters, and able to weather space. It would be the perfect way to explore and colonise the galaxy. Plus once mushrooms establish themselves, they create an underground neural network of mycelium that highly resembles the neural networks of the human brain. Whilst the idea of being a mushroom may not sound appealing, it could be a state of being that goes beyond our principles of understanding. Then you have to take into consideration that mushrooms contain the only 4-phospholated chemical that appears in nature (psilocybin, 4-po-dmt). McKenna says if there was ever a fingerprint of an alien lifeform, this is it. And that is without taking into account that such chemicals impart a feeling on oneness and understanding of the universe felt nowhere else when consumed.

Accepting the theory that mushrooms come from outer space is a large intellectual jump to make, but the theory does have merit. We personally like it, and feel it adds a little extra something to the whole magic mushroom experience. If anything, it stimulates healthy philosophical debate – and that is never a bad thing for a society that is trying to take intellectual understanding forward.

2 thoughts on “Are Magic Mushrooms a Gateway to a Different World? Elves, Spirits, and Extraterrestrials… Can psychedelics help us communicate with aliens?… The Mushroom – Our Extraterrestrial Friend From Outer Space?”

  1. An enjoyable article, thank you. I find myself in the position of wishing it to be true but being unable to believe that mushrooms are vastly intelligent alien species. But what do I know. I must clearly try a large dose of dmt or psilocybyn to make up my mind. It must br a fascinating experience. Im my case I wonder if I would see gods or aliens. But of course in our unenlightened state there would be little difference


    1. Its a ‘humbling’ experience to say the least! It’s like… “What the f**k do I actually know? What does anyone of us even know? Is our species even the most intelligent on the planet, let alone the galaxy… universe!”

      Then you return and go back your everyday life (try to) 😀

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