I’m going to do a tour of North Korea! :D

Straight up… been thinking about it for a while. 🙂 I’m going to China… so I’m thinking…
‘Why not go and do a week in North Korea?’

And if they ask ‘What are your reasons for visiting The Democratic Peoples Republic of North Korea?’ (I imagine they will)… I’ll reply…
“I’m doing some research on bizarre, brainwashed, ultra oppressive, creepy surveillance states… and I needed a break from the UK!” 😀
(also interested in the greatest round of golf ever played)

explore north korea

Experience North Korea

Over 15 years of Safe and Premium Tours to North Korea

Individual tours in the DPRK
You can make your own tour in North Korea – choose your own schedule, itinerary and places you would like to visit! We would be delighted to help you arrange tailor-made journey in the DPRK. Please take a look at our DPRK tourist guide here >> to see what you can do in the country.
Individual travelers will be prodvided with an individual transportation (a sedan instead of a bus), they will enjoy more freedom in choosing their own meals, and have more time and flexibility visiting various places. Comparing to the group tours individual tours are more expensive, so if you are looking for a cost-saving option, please have a look at our group tours.

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