I should reboot the Batman film! Batman… a psychedelic musical’ :D

“Who do you trust? Look at me… I’m giving away free money! And where is the Batman?… he’s at home, washing his tights!” 😀

I should reboot the Batman genre! I’d make it a psychedelic musical! 😀

Bruce Wayne/Batman and The Joker both lose their parents on the same night, victims of the same killer.

Bruce Wayne’s parents are robbed and shot in front of the theatre. The Jokers parents are drug dealers who are killed by the same drug addicted killer, later that evening. (maybe the Joker is a bit older)

They both end up in the police station the same night, giving the same description of the killer to the police (the future Commissioner Gordon as a rookie)

They both get taken to the same Gotham orphanage that night. Maybe Bruce gets beaten up and the young Joker saves him (Bruce Wayne being a rich kid, and the Joker being a street smart son of drug dealers). Bruce spends a short while in the orphanage until Alfred Pennyworth can gain custody.

The young Joker is left to grow up in a Gotham orphanage.

Young Bruce Wayne is encouraged by Alfred to visit the orphanage, to give charity and help the other orphans. Him and the Joker keep crossing paths.

As they grow up, both are left traumatised from witnessing their parents being murdered. Both have to see the same therapist… a female psychotherapist (WHO’S ALSO HARLEY QUINN!)… played by Cat Pierce! 😀

Bruce Wayne reverts inward, becoming withdrawn and secluded from the world, becoming The Batman.
The Joker uses humour and practical jokes to cope, becoming popular amongst other orphan kids.

Bruce Wayne goes on to cope by abusing substances such alcohol and anti-depressants (maybe a suicide attempt)… The Joker goes on to use psychedelic compounds (mushrooms, LSD) as a way of coping, and ends up becoming an up and coming comedian on the Gotham scene…. much like Bill Hicks!

In fact… not only is The Joker the funniest , cleverest and most intelligent comedian in Gotham… not only does he destroy his hecklers on stage to the amusement of everyone watching… he then kills them after the show! 😀 (mows them down, or kills them in really gruesome ways to make it look like an accident).

Anyway, the Joker ends becoming a famous comedian/ criminal overlord of Gotham… perhaps becoming mayor… and The Batman is hated and vilified by everyone, and ends up being hunted by every police officer in Gotham (except Gordon of course, being the incorruptible police Chief he is) .

In would be a psychedelic musical! (does anyone watch Legion?… one of the best shows of the last few years)… only the villains sing!

I don’t know who would play Batman? (needs some thought)

I would play The Joker! 😀 (I would make it my own!)

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