Psychedelics being ‘illegal’ IS the biggest crime against humanity!

“I should be a fucking shaman! I’ve seriously thought about this one… I couldn’t give a fuck if you’re a practising Buddhist or a Serbian war criminal wanted for genocide, crimes against humanity… fucking all the same to me!”
(I’ll probably like the Serbian war criminal more)

I try to explain to people ‘psychedelics’… you can see the look in they’re eye almost immediately! Let me tell you something… psychedelic compounds being illegal in this CURRENT society IS the biggest crime against humanity!
People read bullshit (as per usual), they think because they’re illegal… I’m like ‘FUCK THE LAW!’
I’m introducing psychedelics to a Krav Maga mate of mine… he’s training to be a counsellor.

“They open you up to something else mate… I know that much! Humans have been using them for tens of thousands of years (longer! Millions of years… they are what made us ‘human’)… Shamanism… the beginnings of religion… they’re the next step in human evolution (we’ve been evolving because of them)… They open you up to something else, when you see it, you’ll know it, and you’ll be like ‘wow!’… The fact these things are illegal is the biggest crime against humanity… trust me on this!”

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