Consult the shrooms! :D (psilocybe ‘Golden Teacher’ cubensis)

I have a Psilocybe cubensis ‘Golden Teacher’ mushroom grow kit on order! 😀 I’m the king of growing mushrooms!

I’ve only done mushrooms a handful of times. The first time :/ … … … … … well I took about 75g of fresh ‘Amazon’ cubensis in one go! I blended them up with water, lemon and lime juice, drunk it all in one sitting… … … when I say I was ‘away with the faeries’, I was actually dancing around my kitchen with fucking faeries! 😀
(after having one of the most amazing orgasms of my life)

“Fucking ‘wow’ is not the word!”

Yeah anyway. I’m thinking, I’m going to do a mega mushroom trip (‘Golden Teacher’), 100g, 150g? 🙂 … and I’m going to meditate on GUTCP. See what happens!

One thing I’m contemplating is… I no longer subscribe to the ‘Big Bang’ theory of creation (it’s a dead theory, and most physicist know it)… an Oscillating Universe is much more beautiful, it fits with what we know of spacetime and matter… … an Oscillating Universe, eternally expanding and contracting every 450 billion years… energy being converted into matter during expansion phase, pushing the Universe out in every direction… matter being converted to energy during contraction phase, shrinking the Universe back in on itself… ‘reversing the arrows of time'(whatever the fuck that means? :/) … …
Some people already see a problem with an ‘eternally oscillating universe’… … WHAT THE FUCK PUT THAT INTO PLACE? What’s outside the boundaries of such a model? How can something have existed forever, and will continue to exist forever?

Also I have some questions regarding dark matter! 137 lower states of hydrogen atom? Other elements of the periodic table? Does that mean 137 potential dimensions or other realms, that we cannot see or experience (UNLESS! :D)… …

(I’ll only end up wanking one out, and dancing around with god damn faeries again!)

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