Krav Maga… some issues!

I don’t claim to be a Krav Maga or Self Defence expert… far from it. I have a two awesome Krav teachers… one has a lot of real world experience.
But… I have just been schooled in some aspects of Self Defence… and the issue is KMG. Some parts of the syllabus are not applicable to real life scenarios… specifically knife and gun attacks (I want to know about machete attacks, being garrotted etc.) . I believe some instructors know exactly what (and who) I’m talking about… and are refusing to change the syllabus.
The problem is (egos aside)… if the CONCEPTS of some aspects of Krav are wrong, and not true to real life scenarios… and their are better, more efficient techniques to use, with a higher chance of survival… why are these techniques and CONCEPTS not being incorporated into Krav… and thus being taught to IDF.

Yes, I’m worried about my own survival here… but also those of the conscripted Israeli military service.

I love Krav! I know I’m new to Krav… I’m not a veteran expert of Krav… but I’ve just been given some serious concerns about some of the techniques and methods being taught as self defence and SURVIVAL… … :/ Forget the gradings and certificates… my primary concern is fighting and SURVIVING a real life attack… if there’s aspects that don’t work, should be changed, or even thrown out and replaced… I’m going to say it!

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