4 thoughts on “Cold Fusion (but not Cold Fusion)… THE POWER OF THE SUN IS IN OUR HANDS!”

    1. it would seem that way yes! I think it’s a combination of a number of factors ranging from disbelief, the school of Quantum Physics (1926 Schrodinger), pathological science, the ‘debunking’ (or misunderstanding) of Cold Fusion… such a huge paradigm shift in not just physics, but in all of science… the money involved ($280 trillion), the reputations of many in physics, possibly the geo-political (CIA, oil oligarchs etc)… … I mean I really don’t know what to say regarding this! It’s mind blowing to think that this HASN’T been accepted by mainstream.
      If you haven’t read the book Genius Inventor (Thomas Stolper) it’s available on Amazon for $10
      As well as Brett Holverstott for $20?


      1. Thanks Danny. I have read Genius Inventor by Thomas Stolper, I am the only person to have recommended it on the Amazon website. I’ve also read Brett Holverstott. I first heard of Randell Mills around 2003 and was pretty excited about him. I personally have no degrees of any kind but I’m interested in science. I believe most people have little interest in science. I took physics at a junior college and did well but the classes I took were too hard for most of the people going there.


      2. Well… my view is (mentioned in Genius Inventor), it may not be the academic or scientific world that gives this to the world so to speak, and more from the entrepreneurial world (inventions, technology etc)… real world applications that people with monetary or business interests, once real world products and ideas are being delivered to the world, the scientific establishment can no longer continue to ignore GUTCP… remember Quantum has STILL not given the world anything that is tangible or real (all theoretical)… I think Silicone Valley may be the first to start using GUTCP and Millsian…


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