Peak Phosphorus & Food

Of course I talk to the Russians about Phosphates (God!)… there’s not many people I have to talk to about this sort of stuff! 😀

There’s me… there’s a Dr Dana Cordell from Sydney… this guy (Inspector Clouseau in disguise)… aside from that, not many people are publicly talking about the global phosphorus supply. How phosphates are the backbone to feeding our entire civilisation, all life on Earth… no phosphates, no life.
There are alternatives to modern mineral fertiliser agriculture (developed since 1830’s?)… Terra Preta soil, composting etc. … but essentially our entire global food supply depends upon the phosphate industry!

The Story of Phosphorus: 7 reasons why we need to rethink the …

by D Cordell – ‎Related articlesPhosphorus fertilizer is essential for modern food production and is the limiting factor in crop yields. Phosphorus is a critical global resource, along side water …

The story of phosphorus: Global food security and food for thought …
by D Cordell – ‎2009 – ‎Cited by 3282 – ‎Related articlesFood production requires application of fertilizers containing phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium on agricultural fields in order to sustain crop yields. However …

How the great phosphorus shortage could leave us short of food
https://phys.org › Earth › Environment

Feb 17, 2016 – Depending on which scientists you ask, the world’s phosphate rock reserves will last for another 35 to 400 years – though the more optimistic …

Peak phosphoruspeak food? The need to close the phosphorus cycle. The peak in the world production of phosphorus has been predicted to occur in 2033, based on world reserves of rock phosphate (URR) reckoned at around 24,000 million tonnes (Mt), with around 18,000 Mt remaining.Peak phosphorus – peak food? The need to close the phosphorus cycle.

How the great phosphorus shortage could leave us all hungry

Feb 11, 2016 – … changing the climate. But when did you last worry about phosphorus? … Food wastage is also directly linked to phosphorus overuse. In the most developed … Peak phosphorus will be a shortage we can’t stomach. Sign in to …

Does Peak Phosphorus Loom? | American Scientist

People acquire the phosphorus they need from food. For millennia, farmers replenished its supply in soil by spreading animal waste, human waste and plant …[PDF]Peak phosphorus – Implications for soil productivity and global food …

by ET CraswellA – ‎2010 – ‎Cited by 6 – ‎Related articlesPublished on DVD. 27. Peak phosphorus – Implications for soil productivity and global food security. Eric T. CraswellA, Paul L.G. VlekB and Holm Tiessen C.Phosphorus Solutions – MIT

Nearly 90% of phosphorus is used in the global food supply chain, most of it in … While some have speculated that peak phosphorus production has already …[PDF]Peak Phosphorus – International Institute for Sustainable Development

by A Ulrich – ‎2009 – ‎Cited by 11 – ‎Related articlesDec 9, 2009 – Peak Phosphorus: Opportunity in the Making. Why the Phosphorus Challenge Presents a New. Paradigm for Food Security and Water Quality.

“Ah haha haaaa! He pulled the wrong tooth! ha haha ah haa ha… There’s only man who would pull the wrong tooth… it’s Clouseau… kill him! Aaaargh ha ha ha ha!”

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