Gang stalking Black Mirror Britain points the finger at Israel for Human Rights Abuses!

Ooooooh… some of us have been waiting for this for loooooong time! 😀

The UK, the country that is now the gang stalking capital of the world… a country who’s Government, Intelligence Services and police employ (blackmail) paedophiles, rapists and drug addicted criminal scum to stalk, harass, & slander their ‘targets’, 24 hours a day, like a cross between the East German Stasi and an episode of Black Mirror… accuses Israel of human rights abuses! 😀

Don’t even go there UK… we will bring this shithole, creepy, deranged, mentally ill nation down like tonne of fucking bricks!
(“Like Samson!” “Thankyou”)

Tom Tugendhat… do something with the UK (at least pretend to) because some of us are losing our fucking patience!

Gang stalking… Where do we want me to start? At the bottom?…
Joe Oldrieve (cocaine dealer), Paul Oldrieve (Mason, possible paedophile), Chris Derbyshire (possible paedophile), Robert Macintyre (convicted rapist , molested a 14 year old girl), Hannah Youren (solicitor, mentally unstable psychopath)… shall we move on to local police? Sarah Cole… we can keep going until we get Andrew fat fucking Parker!

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