MBE VR MP Tom Tugendhat MP MP to be the next UK PM.

“Well now we all had a good laugh at the prospect of Bonkers Boris being the next British Prime Minister (we could if wanted to!)… it’s time we took this seriously. We have a war we need the British to sacrifice their children for (last one we promise)…

A Boris PM could easily lead to the Jews’ worst nightmare: Corbyn in Number 10

Yeah bye Boris… it’s been a pleasure serving with you also!
(I don’t know?… fucking Elba? Saint Helena?)

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Georg John Tugendhat MBE VR MP (we like it!)
AKA Tom Tugendhat

He could be the next Bond!

The British g… people are going to love him!

‘Intelligence and ingenuity’ – Tom Tugendhat reveals favourite MP for Tory leadership

TORY MP Tom Tugendhat revealed who he is “more minded” towards becoming the next Prime Minister, following pressure mounting for Theresa May to resign on Wednesday evening.

UK is presiding over a ‘failed Iran policy’ with no plan to deal with hostage-taking or nuclear threat, says senior Tory MP

Exchange comes after row with Tehran over jailed British-Iranian woman Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe.

Britain is presiding over a “failed Iran policy” with no plan to deal with hostage-taking and the nuclear threat from Tehran, the chair of an influential Commons committee has said.

Tory rising star Tom Tugendhat mounted an outspoken attack on the Government’s relations with Iran during Commons questions over the conflict in Yemen, where thousands of people have been killed in a civil war between Iran-backed Houthi rebels and a Saudi-led coalition.

FUCKING DANGLY MEDALS AND THE LOT (not bought off Ebay)… we haven’t seen this shit in like a fucking century!give him a bayonet!

“We have a capital in Tehran that is taking British hostages, developing missiles, that is threatening its neighbours, destabilising the region and our policy is what? There’s none.”

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