Why do I hate James Corden so much? :/

I don’t know… Good question (we where discussing ‘free will’)… I honestly cannot help but to loathe the fat cunt.

I hate James Corden in a really scary way. I always have… He’s the sort of person I kind of bullied in high school… I can imagine him being severely bullied at some stage in his childhood, which is why he makes such a fucking effort to be liked… By fucking everyone.

Sort of guy that when going out for a drink ‘with the lads’, would have to slyly ask “Is Danny Hurley out tonight?”… Because he knows I’m looking for any excuse to glass him in his fat fucking face! Would have to stay sober, and would be on edge all night, because he’d be shit scared of me. Everytime he makes eye contact, give him a look like something out of Goodfellas. Fucks off home early without anyone noticing. “What was up with James? Seemed a bit off last night” “Don’t know, could have been anything”

James Corden carpool?… I’d throw him out after five minutes… When we get on the motorway.

Thinks he has an array of celebrity friends?… I’d pay to have child porn planted on his computer… Then shop him in to the FBI.

“Practical joke James! I thought you liked practical jokes?… Yeah fuck off to San Quinton and get gang raped, fat fucking piece of shit”

It’s not jealousy! It’s genuine hate for him…

He has an OBE?… Oh fucking hell fire club! Seriously need to stop talking about him now

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