MI6 (and CIA) are asking themselves “So how much do we actually know?”… next to nothing! :D

“Well it’s like this ladies and gents… if you KNOW you’ve been under surveillance since AT LEAST summer 2011… if MI6 have used a bunch of amateurs (Youren, Oldreive, Derbyshire etc etc.), they no longer serve as an ‘intelligence’ agency, but as a fantasy made up bullshit agency.
This has reflected upon the CIA MK Ultra Cult (Lyon, Rogan, McDonnell, etc etc)… sorry Langley.

And people are asking “Well who the fuck has he been working for this entire time?”

Well, the GREATEST scientific discovery ever made, plus EVERY bit of intelligence and information I have gathered (since at least summer 2011)… … it all goes back to the land of Israel! 😀
(directly to The House Of Rothschild)

You people do understand what The Occult actually is don’t you? What Natural Law is? How Natural LAW actually works, don’t you? Because sometime it seems to me, that British and American Intelligence have absolutely no fucking idea at all! :/

How much of it was real? Next to nothing (although I can say I offered humanity EVERYTHING!)… … the bit when I was dancing around with fairies in my kitchen… that bit was real! 😀 (I had just eaten an entire plate of magic mushrooms)

The bit where I possibly met an extra-terrestrial being in a Kazakh hotel restaurant… if you where watching.

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