Brown’s Gas (Oxyhydrogen)… “New Alchemy – Water Into Fire”

There is no established theory to explain the phenomenon of Brown’s Gas.”

“How do you know about this?”
Because I’m a fucking King! A modern day…
“Don’t say it!”
I was going to say Prometheus! Well… a modern day Priest King magician, wielding unbelievable, extraordinary, out of this world power!

King Solomon’s Secret Weapon: The Shamir

King Solomon’s Magical Shamir Could Cut Through Any Stone – Proof Of Advanced Ancient Technology?

Did King Solomon have access to sophisticated ancient technology? What kind of device was able to cut through or disintegrate stone, iron and diamond thousands of years ago?
King Solomon, son of King David and Bathsheba, is renowned in the Old Testament for his wisdom. He is also known for his riches, which were given Solomon by God, along with the wisdom.
According to a very interesting legend found in the Talmudic literature, King Solomon built his magnificent temple in Jerusalem with help of a magical worm named Shamir.
The Shamir was without doubt an extraordinary object as it possessed the ability to alter stone, iron and diamond, by its mere gaze.

Brown’s Gas… Oxyhydrogen… burning two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen (HHO)… I’ve been researching it on and off since 2012?
It explains a lot in terms of ancient technologies, how some ancient cultures where using advanced metallurgy, melting different rock that usually requires extremely high temperatures… possibly accounts of extremely long lifespans (health benefits).

Not much is known about. It’s regarded as fringe science (although experimentally proven), not scientifically understood with existing physics/chemical theories… seems to be a chemical reaction taking place… YOU KNOW WHERE I’M GOING WITH THIS! 😀

It’s the same as GUTCP, as hydrino reactions… misunderstood, and requiring a lot more research… working off the same understanding of atomic structure.

Mills was asked about it at the end of his California lecture, and he stated he’d never heard of it.

Applications of Browns Gas
(Further research may be required)
1. Air conditioning and cooling
2. Atmospheric motors
3. Cleansing of smokestack
4. Coal to Oil conversion
5. Curing
6. Deep-sea life support

7. Destruction of toxic wastes
8. Drying of fruit and legumes
9. Fuel Cell
10. Glazing and Kiln operation
11. Graphite production
12. Heating
13. Hydrogen production
14. Mineral separation
15. Nuclear waste decontamination
16. Ore separation
17. Oxygen production
18. Production of hard materials
19. Production of electricity
20. Pure water production
21. Silica conversion
22. Space life support
23. Underwater welding
24. Vacuum systems
25. Water pumps
26. Welding and brazing

Anyway. I’m busy… but I’ll leave it with you! 😉











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