GUTCP is Israel’s… … sorry!

“Look! You are talking about the GREATEST SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY IN HUMAN HISTORY! The most important discovery since fire… for the first time in human history the power of the Sun has been brought down to the surface of planet Earth… … DID ANY OF YOU THINK THE JEWS WHERE GOING TO IGNORE THIS?
Are you all that fucking stupid? :/
For the past four thousand years, you have consistently tried to wipe us off the face of the Earth… the last time being Nazi Germany, in which we where forced to develop nuclear technology.
Did you honestly think that GUTCP, hydrino energy, the structure of the electron, was going to fly under our radar…. that we would allow the Americans to solely control the most powerful technology ever developed… … are you all that fucking stupid!

MI6 and whole shit load of Freemasons are asking “since when?”… erm? Since before I applied to Welbeck! Since before I was born… SINCE BEFORE MY PARENTS WHERE BORN YOU FUCKING IDIOTS!

I’m sure Mills is a nice guy and all… but the world isn’t! It’s ridiculously ignorant and always on the verge of genocide… THE BRITISH HAVE TUNRED THEMESLEVES INTO ONE BIG STALKING CULT! (and failed miserably at that one!)… the rise (once again) of Anti-Semitism in the 21st century… and you all think we won’t do whatever is necessary to protect ourselves!

(When you study what Quantum Mechanics actually is… you realise just how fucking stupid the human race actually is!)

Rothschild! Get me some champagne and chocolate please…

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