DON’T CANCEL THE JEREMY KYLE SHOW NOW! It’s only just getting interesting! Upgrade it!… … Why I hate the Catholic Church (all of Christianity)

Why the fuck are we cancelling the Jeremy Kyle Show now? :/ It’s only just got interesting! 😀 I’m wanting to tune in now!

I know how to upgrade it… every guest should be given the means to commit suicide in front of the audience… cyanide capsules.

Yeah, equip every low life, pathetic, pond life, wasted drop of fucking cum, guest on that show with a cyanide capsule, and then once their life is destroyed LIVE on air, their given the choice to swallow it, or continue living an even more miserable and pointless existence! 😀

At the end of each show, a pile of worthless corpses built up, ready to be carted off to the specially built incinerator underneath the studio like fucking Auschwitz.

I’d sit in front the tv in my boxer shorts with a bowl of cereal every morning for that.

What are suppose to be talking about? Christianity? Specifically Catholicism and the Vatican…

Yeah aside from the fact it’s built upon the most ridiculous story ever told (the resurrection Christ)…
It’s kind of the most historically inaccurate institution in the history of human kind!
First Jesus was not white and blue eyed (that was Cesare Borgia almost a thousand years later)… Jesus was a Jew, an Arab looking Jew. The more likely scenario is they faked his death, if there is any truth to any of the New Testament.

That and whole host of other shit throughout the ages, including centuries of child abuse, money laundering for the Mafia, aiding and abetting Nazi war criminals.

Who’s the Pope that use to fuck animals in debauched sadistic orgies held on the premises of the Vatican? Pope Benedict IX (1032-1044, 1045, 1047-1048)… why are there no commissioned artistic masterpieces of that? I think Da Vinci and Raphael’s artistic genius skills where wasted on the shit the Vatican have on display now… I want to see depictions of Benedict fucking a chicken on the Sistine Chapel…

“and here’s a masterpiece of Clement II receiving fallacious from a nine year old boy” “And here’s another of Pope Alexander VI having an incestuous relationship with his own daughter”

That’s probably what is underneath the Vatican! 😀 There’s no ‘Dan Brown Priory of Sion conspiracy’, no archives on alien human interaction throughout the centuries… … it’s just the worlds oldest and largest collection of child porn, painted on huge canvas by some of the artistic genius’ of the ages.

I sometime wonder if Christians can ever get any more retarded… and I think “Oh yeah… Mormonism!” 😀

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