Extraterrestrial Life No Longer Seems Improbable

“Nice t-shirt!”
“Thanks! I’m going to wear it to…
“Don’t fucking encourage him! He’ll get himself killed”
“These British nonces ain’t going to do shit, and you know it!… Anyway… EXTRATERRESTRIALS! A serious topic, come on now!”

Honestly? My thoughts? :/ I think this whole topic is a God damn mine field, almost completely incomprehensible for the human mind to even fathom or comprehend!
(no wonder 99.999999% of homo sapiens will not go near it)
The closest and most accurate portrayal in Hollywood is probably Men In Black!

  1. DNA is of intelligent design! It is a mathematical impossibility for it to ever to have arisen by chance in nature. Which means SOMETHING created DNA billions of years ago, and most likely seeded Earth… and has most likely (considering the advanced intelligence of DNA at that point) had the technology to seed other parts of the cosmos (if not all). Whatever it was it must have been already billions of years advanced when it seeded Earth at least 3.5 billion years ago. The Universe is around 13.4 billion years (this ‘expansion’ phase)… pfffffffft!
  2. Again regarding ‘panspermia’ or intelligent seeding of habitable planets with DNA, our own theoreticians KNOW the way to conquer the cosmos is to create a self replicating ‘robot’, that carries our information, that can lie dormant for billions of years… and shoot it out into every direction… IT’S DNA! We know it is a mathematical impossibility to arise by chance, we know it is of intelligent design, some geneticists (Kazakhstan) have started to decode it (publicly)… pfffft!
  3. That’s carbon based DNA life forms… ‘life’ may have arise in other forms (silicone?), in environments we never imagined could sustain life.
  4. WE DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT LIFE IS! What is the definition of life, what constitutes as life? We only have Earth life forms past and present as a sample! Life could be plasma, or dark matter?
  5. The UFO phenomena! Thousands of years old, tens of thousands…. as old as recorded history. Something (multiple objects of all shapes, sizes and descriptions) is monitoring us from above! From where and why is anyone’s guess. An intelligence , that is possibly millions of years advanced in regards to it’s understanding of physics, how it can manipulate time, matter, energy. Think about the mathematics, calculations, technology involved in navigating outer space! (LOGICALLY THINK ABOUT IT!)… the Universe is in constant flux, ever expanding at an accelerated pace, all sorts of explosions, weather and storms, meteorites, black holes… it is unfathomable to us to even comprehend being able to navigate the vastness of outer space and the unknown variables involved… as well as the distances and time scales involved… even travelling at the speed of light!
  6. That brings us onto another strange aspect to UFO phenomena! These beings can do all of the above… only to crash in the middle of the fucking American desert? FUCK OFF! The American military complex is bullshitting us in every way, at every step regarding this topic… any advanced technology they have is MAN MADE! They’re using this phenomena as a cover.
  7. The ‘spiritual’ aspect to all this! Approaching the topic from a spiritual perspective is not so silly at all. Shamanism (oldest technology on the planet), psychedelics (DMT), the abduction phenomenon… even religious experiences. If these beings are BILLIONS of years advanced than us… they would be indistinguishable from GODS! We don’t understand what consciousness is, where it comes from… if it exists after ‘death’. When you truly look into the abduction phenomena, what it is, what’s being described, how it relates to religious, shamanic, psychedelic experiences… it is fucking mind blowing.
  8. We don’t know what 95% of the Universe is! Those of us that understand the importance of GUT-CP realise every element on the periodic table may now have 137 lower states of electron ‘orbitalities’… it’s just opened up a whole new Universe for exploration… 137! Can intelligence or life operate in these realms? A whole new understanding of physics that may (WILL!) bring us closer to understanding UFO’s, alien visitations… whatever the fuck it is that’s going on.
  9. pfffffft! Ya see why this topic is such a head fuck! If people really want to take this on… they have to grab it by the fucking balls or leave it alone!
  10. Could aliens be here amongst us now? Dude… they could be sat on the end of your fucking nose and you wouldn’t even know it (let alone sat in front of you in a Kazakh restaurant in human form)… pfffffft!

Extraterrestrial Life No Longer Seems Improbable​

Bo Thompson — May 4, 2019

The incredible discoveries over the last 20 years regarding alien life, a subject of great interest especially for the sci-fi domains, has now made it seem plausible and probably true.

Even though life is an amazing sort of intricate chemistry, its components, oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and so forth are not ‘out-of-world’, but some of the most generous and simple components in the universe.

Based on a catalogue created by a collection of discoveries of possible habitable environments in the universe, astronomers from the University of California suggest that there could be around 40 billion exoplanets of the same size as Earth in the ‘habitable zone’ close to their star, where the climate is sufficiently mild for liquid water to exist.

The possibility of an Earth-like habitat to cycle the closest star to our planet, Proxima Centauri is high enough, and it might be fairly close for us (just four light years away) to grasp it by utilizing today’s technology.

Considering all this, it seems imminent that there is life out there, more even if we think of how soon after the Earth was created, life started thriving on it: the oldest fossils found on Earth are 3.5 billion years old, and hints in our genes imply that life actually appeared much more early, around 4 billion years ago.

However, the definition of the word ‘habitable’ is a quite adaptable idea as life persevere in all sorts of settings which might seem horrible to us such as life inside barrels of nuclear debris, in superheated water (up to 122 degrees), above a pool of sulphuric acid, in the wilderness of Antarctica or in rocks down to five kilometers below the soil.

What is interesting is that some of these circumstances appear to occur in other parts of the Solar System as well.

Seems like a promise

Even Mars, once warm and wet, was most likely a lush environment for life before Earth was, and today, the red planet still has liquid water under the grounds, also, methane, an element linked to life on earth has already been discovered on the Martian surface, even though the gas’ results are still under dispute.

Apart from Mars and Earth, at the very least, two other planets might hold an environment suitable for life, namely Europa, Jupiter’s Moon, and Enceladus, Saturn’s Moon. They are both icy worlds, but the gravity of their massive planets is sufficient to agitate their cores to melt water, thus creating large subglacial water bodies.

Both these moons have undersea hydrothermal drains, similar to those on our planet, and when a NASA probe analyzed the matter geysered from Enceladus into space, it discovered huge organic molecules.

Another example of life

The life on our planet is connected, all driving from the very first living organism to appear, about 4 billion years ago.

Humans all share the same fundamental molecular composite​ with cockroaches, cacti, bacteria and fungus, the DNA makes RNA and RNA generates protein.

However, another piece of life might mean a ‘second genesis’, one that is entirely unconnected to us, as it might probably use a different coding system in its genes, or it might not even have DNA, but a few other designs of transferring genetic data.

Also, the second example of life would mean that the fast debut of life on Earth was in fact not a chance occurrence but life might actually exist in abundance in the universe.

Perhaps life is contagious

However, if it is eventually found out that microbes are certainly connected to us, that would be a bolt from the blue of another sort: it would show that life is infectious.

​What we mean by that is that when an asteroid collides in a planet, the clash can send shattered rocks into the space, and these rocks can then end up onto another planets as comets, thus, life from Earth might have already been exported to other planets, maybe even on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn as microbes might continue to live on and after the travel.

The Apollo 12 astronauts fetched an old probe that remained on the Moon for three years in incredible cold and void, and there were still living bacteria inside.

A theory that can be tested

The James Webb Space Telescope which is scheduled to launch in 2021, could take few of these evaluations for some of the habitable worlds already found.

Also, some space-based telescopes which will be mated with enormous parasols named starshades and will soar about 50,000 kilometers away in the proper area to oppress the​ blazing light of the star, enabling a bit of a planet to be snapped. That bit of light could disclose the length of the day on the planet if it has seasons, clouds, oceans, and perhaps even its plants’ colors.

In conclusion, the question of whether we are alone or not in this universe might soon get an answer.

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