Every two hours in Britain a young man takes his own life… NOT GOOD ENOUGH!… we want one every hour!

Every two hours in Britain a young man takes his own life… NOT GOOD ENOUGH! We need one every hour. I want to be able to celebrate every hour that some mincey, pathetic sack of fucking cum has taken his own life because he realised his existence was pointless.

Oh come on it’s the UK! Its not as if we’re losing the next cure for cancer (we have over twelve of those already), we’re not losing the next great theoretical physicist (trust me I know)… these guys aren’t contributing anything to the world except made up bullshit.
The sad thing is, their also turning the British woman into a miserable sack of shit along with them (female suicide is on the rise)… child suicide and self harm on the rise.
Average (below average) British male… stop shitting on the rest of the world with your pathetic shit… man up or fuck off!

I have a fanatical gang stalking cult trying to spread as much disinformation about me as possible, intelligence services trying to blow up commercial flights that I’m boarding… someone in Cuba microwaves my brain with some fucking unknown weapon, someone sprays me with some bio-nano tech straight out of a fucking sci-fi film… … I don’t whine and cry about it.

I have to spend a large portion of my time training Krav Maga Self Defence because people want to kill me, people who know how and have the training and support required to do it… and for the rest of these fucking clowns, the biggest threat to their life is themselves!

FUCK OFF AND DO IT! Had enough of them…
I want to see people dropping off buildings like The Happening every time I step out!

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