Notre Dame fire – Person moving and flash on the roof?… the ghost of Jacques de Molai? Back to reap revenge?

“What I find absolutely fascinating in regards to all these ‘Christians’… some upset, some blaming Muslims… some wanted a Holy War! 😀 … when was the last time any of them even entered a Church, let alone visited Notre Dame fucking Cathedral! Did any ever have any intention of visiting Notre Dame Cathedral? How many even practise their ‘faith’? :/ When was the last time any of them even opened a fucking Bible? DO THEY EVEN OWN ONE!

Anyway… looks like there is footage of someone on the roof of the Cathedral, a flash, only minutes prior to the fire.

All the companies involved in the restoration work, state there where no workers on site at the time… even more there was no electricity on site!

Francois? :/

Again… to highlight most Christians absolute ignorance in regard to their own history… if I was to say “Perhaps its the ghost of Jacques de Molai, back to seek his revenge on the French and the Catholic Church!”…. most would just stare blankly and me and say “Fucking Jew!”

(it reminds of the whole MI6 whacking Diana thing… the over reactional bullshit from people who don’t actually know fuck all or actually give two fucks… … stupid people are amazing!)

RIP Keith Flint! (“oh the grief I feel at the death of Keith Flint… I don’t know if I can live anymore!”)

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