David Attenborough, Climate Change, BBC, The Facts… no solutions… I have THE SOLUTION!

Who should redesign Notre Dame? Norman Forster!… the only architect I know, so not to difficult of a choice.

How do we solve the planets ‘climate change’ threat? David Attenborough is banging on about it again…
‘Climate Change – The Facts’: the BBC and David Attenborough should talk about solutions
… the biggest threat to our species, the biggest mass extinction event in millions of years… caused primarily by our burning of fossil fuels…


Hydrino energy and the work of Randell Mills!

De-population! (cull six half billion homo sapiens?)

All these environMENTALists gluing themselves to London buses, New Age morons drinking Ayahuasca, all these politicians and world leaders debating at UN and World Economic Forum , all these so called scientists ignoring the reality of the problem and what is required… they don’t give two flying fucks about the future of this planet (or their own children)… THEY’RE ONLY PRETENDING TO!

If they truly cared, IF THEY GENUINELY GAVE A SHIT… they would have figured out that the only viable technological solution is to implement a new, clean, safe and ubiquitous energy source that can replace ‘fire’ (nothing else is viable)… thus they would have discovered hydrino energy and the work of Randell Mills… … and they haven’t, sooooooooo.

I’m becoming quite inclined into thinking I might be more suited to a Mad Max style apocalypse! It would be fucking awesome… driving round an apocalyptic desert wasteland killing anyone I want.

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