My bitch!

“Let me tell you a story about three bitches I know.

The first couldn’t handle the heat, decided to vote herself out of the EU.
Went so insane, she could no longer tell just what was fake and what was true.
Got fucked so hard, she even got a dick in GCHQ
Security failed, her own white folk became her biggest terror threat yet
Just as long as she knows, she still hasn’t seen terror yet
Whatever… as long she doesn’t ever fuck with us Jews.

Second bitch on my list, from just over the firsts way
Thought in regards to foreign policy, she could maybe stand our way
Her officers released a report on how her capital was under our sway
Bitch on the brink of civil war, so beware just what she has to say
We’ll burn this bitch down and watch all you little bitches pray

Last but not least, our favourite bitch!
Bankrupt billionaire, entrepreneur , slash snitch
Wanted the White House so bad, prepared to suck dick
Gave the best head ever, so we gave her her wish
Promises her people this and that, but never delivers shit
Just as long as she recognises Israeli sovereignty, and the fact she’s forever our bitch!

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