This would be a good time for ‘Catholicism Wow’?… Buddy Christ? :D

HEY! I FUCKING LOVE PARIS! The first monument I toured when I first visited was Notre Dame (was kind of more excited to get up the Eiffel Tower)

“Oh come on! It’s not like it was the Library of Alexandria is it! … when hundreds of thousands of books, THE collection of all of humanities scientific, mystic and historic knowledge of the time was purposely destroyed… by Christians… plunging human civilisation into the ‘Dark Ages’ for five hundred years, forever lost and never to be regained (also annihilating the worship of the divine feminine)
Alexandria: How Christianity Destroyed the Pagan Culture of the Hellenistic World

It will be rebuilt, most of the artefacts have been saved… such as a piece of the cross Jesus was supposedly crucified on (:D… I’M NOT LAUGHING! Honest!)… it’s a shame some of the historic works of art may be lost… most of them depicting Christian ‘history’ (:D)…

Maybe it’s going to reignite Catholics across Europe in finding their faith?

Maybe this would be good time for the Vatican to unveil it’s new image for the 21st century!

If someone is responsible (anyone with any knowledge of fire investigations thinks its ludicrous to be ruling out arson… whilst the fire was still burning! 😀 … fire investigations take months or even years)… but if someone is responsible… surely the Christian thing to do would be to… forgive them?

Anyway… France has fifty of it’s top detectives on the case….

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