Moon Landing: Here’s How To Watch Live On Thursday As Israel Aims To Become Fourth ‘Lunar Nation’

“If there are alien bases on the moon… they best be abandoned after tonight! The moon is now Israeli territory!” 😀


“I don’t want an Israeli flag on the moon… I want the moon to be an Israeli flag! A BIG FUCK OFF SHIELD OF DAVID FOR EVERYONE ON PLANET EARTH TO SEE!” 😀

In all seriousness though, it’s a huge achievement for Israel! We are set to become a technological superpower for the 21st century… THE technological superpower of the 21st century! A tiny nation, seventy years old, of only a few million, surrounded by potential enemies… and we become a global space power.
The next stage is to put astronauts on the moon…. to look further afield to Mars and beyond… and I know how to achieve it!

I KNOW there’s people at Ben Gurion and Weizmann Universities looking into GUTCP! It is the greatest scientific discovery in human history, and Israel should grab it by the fucking balls! Fuck China and fuck the U.S! 😀


EVERYONE in the intelligence community knows full well the Americans faked the Apollo missions! (YOU ALL FUCKING KNOW IT!)… sooner or later, the truth is going to have to come out.
Sorry NASA, but Israel is landing on the moon tonight… a private enterprise, achieved on a fraction of the budget… sooner or later dickheads someone is going to prove once and for all that the manned Apollo missions where faked.


Moon Landing: Here’s How To Watch Live On Thursday As Israel Aims To Become Fourth ‘Lunar Nation’

UPDATE: SpaceIL confirmed in a tweet on Thursday that its live broadcast will begin at 21:45 Israel time (18:45 UTC) and that the landing process will commence at 22:05 (19:05 UTC). That’s from just after midday in North America. See below to check the exact landing time where you are.
Fresh from elections, Israel is on the cusp of becoming the fourth nation to land on the surface of the moon. Israeli space startup SpaceIL and Israel Aerospace Industries’s lander, called Beresheet (Hebrew for “Genesis”), is currently in orbit and getting ready for its scheduled dive down to the lunar surface Thursday.

Landing on the moon is something that’s been achieved only by three nations, the United States, the Soviet Union, and China, though India’s Chandrayaan-2 (“moon vehicle”) mission could follow suit very soon.

Where can I watch the Beresheet moon landing live?
SpaceIL has prepared a YouTube channel for broadcasting live pictures of the landing and from the moon’s surface with the title “LIVE broadcast – Beresheet lands on the Moon Fasten your seatbelts, we are about to land.” It will start broadcasting at 21:45 Israel time (18:45 UTC). It’s also worth checking SpaceIL’s Twitter account on Thursday as well as the SpaceIL website.

While you’re waiting you could watch an excellent simulation of exactly how Beresheet traveled to the moon, which involved a complex set of elliptical orbits of the Earth.
Exactly when will Beresheet land on the moon?
Beresheet is scheduled to touch down at 19:05 UTC (Universal Coordinated Time) on Thursday, which converts as the following times for cities around the world (you can convert any timezone here). That timing works well with the moon since it’s at First Quarter on April 11 and Beresheet’s landing site will be illuminated by the Sun.

Where will Beresheet land?
A fully autonomous landing will see it touchdown within a region of the moon called Mare Serenitatis or the Sea of Serenity. About 419 miles in diameter, the Sea of Serenity is an ancient lava plain that NASA has previously explored. Beresheet will land roughly halfway between the landing sites of Apollo 15 and Apollo 17, NASA’s final mission to the moon. There’s an excellent interactive animation of the landing site here, but this video gives a nice overview:

What will Beresheet do on the moon?
It will have to work fast because the length of the mission is only a couple of days. Beresheet is fitted with a magnetometer to study the moon’s magnetic field, and the aim is to gather data to help researchers figure out why the moon’s magnetic field varies in the Sea of Serenity. Another task for Beresheet is to leave one of NASA’s retroreflectors on the lunar surface for reflecting laser beams from Earth onto the Moon. As well as helping NASA accurately calculate the exact distance between Earth and the Moon, the retroreflectors will also enable NASA to verify the successful landing of Beresheet. Ground stations in Chile, Sweden, Hawaii, Germany, and Australia are being used by Space IL to communicate with its lander.
What’s so special about Beresheet?
As well as being the first Israeli mission to the moon, Beresheet is first to be privately funded. It cost just $100 million and resulted from an attempt to claim the Google Lunar XPRIZE. That competition ended with no winners on March 31, 2018, but SpaceIL was one of the finalists and pushed ahead with its mission. The mission’s firsts don’t stop there. Beresheet will also be the smallest lunar lander on the moon, weighing just 600kg. That’s despite it carrying both scientific instruments and a “time capsule”, which contains a digital copy of Wikipedia, dictionaries in 27 languages, Israel’s Declaration of Independence, the Bible, the Israeli flag, and Israeli literature.

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