Golan Heights! Golem Lows!

“Is it possible that the Arab Summit issues a statement on the occupied Syrian Golan that is weaker than Britain’s stance?”
(thanks for highlighting that Syria… Jewry noted!)

Britain condemns Trump’s Golan recognition
British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt: We should never recognize the annexation of territory by force.

Look… in the interest of Israel’s national security, it is NEVER going to hand the Golan Heights to Syria. It’s time the world recognised it as Israeli territory.
The same argument could be applied to the West Bank (more so)… some people are discussing reclaiming Gaza.

Syria vows to recapture Golan from Israel ‘by all means’
“Syria will liberate the occupied Golan by all means and all choices are on the table,”
… erm… what fucking table? :/

World must recognize Israeli control over the Golan Heights now
It is the UN principle of self-determination because all the Israelis and most of the Druze (the rest are afraid to say so) in the Israeli Golan Heights don’t want to live under the Assad regime.

ANALYSIS: Why the world got Israel’s Golan sovereignty all wrong
Israel and the US agree that the transfer of the plateau is no longer negotiable due to the changed situation in Syria
“[Regarding] the Golan Heights, it follows that no weight shall be given to conquest, but that such weight shall be given to defensive action as is reasonably required to ensure that such Arab territory will not again be used for aggressive purposes against Israel.”

A historic achievement for Israel
The American declaration on the Golan, on the other hand, has a lot more than only symbolic significance.
The American declaration on the Golan, on the other hand, has a lot more than only symbolic significance. Above all, it is an act with a dramatic contribution to Israel’s national security. Today, after Syria disintegrated during its civil war and re-emerged last year, the Golan has become even more important because of the deep involvement of Iran and Hezbollah in Syria.

We must be worthy of the Golan Heights
The Golan is Israeli and should be treated as such. The Golan was put under French rule as part of a colonialist division and Syria, which became independent in 1946, held it (a total of 1% of its territory) for only two decades. In that time, it became a launching ground for attempts to occupy and destroy Israel. The Syrian army would regularly bomb Israeli border communities, attack fishermen on the Sea of Galilee and try to divert its water resources. Syria made the lives of Israelis living at the foot of the Golan Heights a living hell, much like the situation today in the western Negev. In 1967, the Golan was recaptured in a justified war of self-defense. We secured it through blood. The Syrians lost it by law and Begin applied Israeli law there in 1981. This week, the U.S. acknowledged that. Now it’s time for us to do the same.

Top 5 places to visit in Israel’s Golan Heights – watch
Last week, United States President Donald Trump officially recognized Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

Last week, United States President Donald Trump officially recognized Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights. Analysts and Israeli surveys have been touting the significance that this move could have on Israel’s security.
But there is more to the Golan Heights than visiting a security fence or looking out at the country’s protected, strategic border with Syria.




Israel says US Golan recognition helps pave way for keeping other captured lands
In hint at possible future West Bank annexation, official — named by NYT as Netanyahu — says Golan sovereignty move shows Israel can retain land occupied after a defensive war

Israel Has Much Higher Claims to The West Bank Than Golan Heights

Netanyahu: Conquering Gaza ‘on the table’
‘It could be that we are forced to embark on a broad military campaign in Gaza – but that is the last option, not the first.’

Still, Netanyahu asserted that “All options, including entering and conquering Gaza, are on the table, in accordance with what is good for the state of Israel,” noting that the IDF is now “encircling Gaza with great power.”
He emphasized, however, that he won’t embark on “unnecessary wars,” and that he would only order a war in Gaza after all other options have been exhausted.
“I don’t know if we will succeed in reaching long-term quiet, but I do know one thing: I do not embark on unnecessary wars. I exert the force that is needed, and I am willing to pay the price, but only when it is needed. Indeed, I am ready to pay the political price [for not going to war] when it is not needed.”
“I want every mother and father to know that I don’t send their children into war before we have exhausted all other options.

“It could be that we will be forced to embark on a broad military campaign in Gaza,” he said. “The forces are in place, but that is the last option, not the first.”

Should Israel seize the Gaza Strip?
In 2005, Israel left the rest of the Gaza Strip. Israel therefore has already captured and ruled the Gaza Strip twice. The third time is not likely to be a charm.

The day after taking over Gaza
Should Israel go into Gaza, clean out the terrorists, and bring Jews back there to live?



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