‘Alternate realities’, ‘no objective reality’, ‘Reverse time’… why is no-one questioning the absolute bullshit claims being made by Quantum Physics!

I wish I could be as stupid and gullible as the rest of humanity… I honestly fucking do. Life would be so much more enjoyable… but unfortunately (for me anyway) I seem to be one to most conscious and forward thinking human beings alive at this point in history.

Quantum Physics is a mental illness… GUTCP is the cure! You cannot have a theory of physics where EVERYTHING falls into place… dark matter, the Sun, calculations of bondage states to a higher degree of accuracy than anything Quantum ever gave us… 137… … everything post 1926 Schrodinger has been essentially bullshit! 20th century physics is insane, and the claims being made are becoming ever more absurd and irrational!

“Is there actually any fucking point in posting?” :/
“None what so ever!” 😀 “Come for a drink!”

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