ETs AMONG US – Cybela Clair (Amazon Prime)

I was actually looking for The Panama Papers documentary 😀 … but I can’t find it, so I watched ET’S AMONG US instead.
They most likely created us… and when I say created us, I mean created DNA BILLIONS of years ago… as well as playing a hand in genetic manipulation of species.

The Universe is going to be teeming with intelligent civilisations… a number of which are right within our backyard (Milky Way) and are visiting us now.

The worlds Governments know, and are highly suspicious of them… the worlds powers that be have a shit load to lose with everything ranging from energy, to pharmaceuticals to higher levels of consciousness… it all boils down to control.

The whole phenomena is mind blowing!
I know full well that I encountered an ET… in a God damn hotel restaurant at Lake Borovue… the intelligence services know it as well.
I had black helicopters following me back in 2011, I was looking into The Great Man Made River of Libya at the time, was a bit sceptical of the ‘alien’ thing.
(again spraying shit… why?)

I’ve been monitored for years… possibly since a teenager. I did apply to Welbeck College when I was 15, been involved with the intelligence services since early 20’s…
I WAS TOLD…  by an MI5 officer, as frank and as open as it can possibly get…
“Oh Danny, ETs walk amongst. You could walk past one in the street and not even know it”

Do you want to know the truth about my feelings? My honest views?… if billions of human beings are not going to be able to accept the truth about the reality of the Universe… kill them!
They’re a failed fucking species, that are essentially killing themselves and all life on planet Earth… a fucking disease, a virus… a cancer!

It’s pretty fucking easy for me to sit down face to face with an ET and have a conversation (a telepathic one 😀), discuss things like hydrino energy, GUTCP, global financial slavery, depletion of Earths resources and an onslaught of pollution & mass extinction…  have a glimpse of what other truly great civilisations are doing… why the fuck would it be so difficult for anyone else?

One of the arguments in the documentary (used by everyone from the US Shadow Government to the nonces at The Vatican is…
“most human beings would not be able to accept the new reality, and would potentially commit suicide”

“WOW! JUST… WOW!… sometime Danny Boy!”
“What?… speak the truth and no-one can ever harm you” 😀

Also my favourite ET researcher Mary Rodwell is featured! (she’s like the UFO Nana I never had)

ETs Among Us: UFO Witnesses and Whistleblowers (2016)

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